SM entertainment analysis

8 August 2016

Training System specializing in entertainment – Producing entertainers that has competitiveness on the world-wide basis  : Training for Vocalist – Training for vocal, dancing, song writing and foreign language : Training for Actor – Training for acting and foreign language : SM Academy [http://www. sm-academy. com]

(Corp) SM Academy : Institution for entertainment which has professional training system PRODUCING (Making MUSIC / VISUAL IMAGE) : Music Producing – The producing system run by one of the most prominent producers such as Lee Soo Man, You Young Jin. – Collecting/ managing music sources in Korea and overseas : Visual Producing -Managing CD jacket, poster, costume and dancing A producing system directed by the best visual director MANAGEMENT (Vocalist, Actor) : Vocalist Management – Managing vocalists affiliated to S. M such as Kang Ta, BoA, Dong Bang Shin Ki, : Actor Management

Managing TV actor/Movie Actor/ Comedian – Managing public relation of artist(TV, Newspaper, Cable TV, Magazine etc) – Managing artist’s showing up at every event and for commercial ad.

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– Managing planning/hosting concert for artist AGENCY – Managing models of Korea and Asia more professionally and systematically – Not following the typical way of public relations with advertiser or   its agency, it satisfies clients’ trend and their tastes by taking model that   appeals with freshness and popularity – TV/Newspaper, Commercial Ad, Events, Sponsor, PPL, Promotion, Magazine

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