Small Towns vs. Big Cities

12 December 2016

You can go off of your back porch and see for miles, there are not any high rise apartments of fifty story buildings blocking your way. You can always find a creek to go skip rocks off of, and you will not have to drive very far for that matter. You can also breathe in small towns. You can take in deep breathes of air without getting choked up on smog or rancid exhaust emissions. Small towns may not have all of the amenities to offer someone as much as a large city would, but if you are humble you can go to the great internet and have it at your door on the next business day. Small towns also have the family owned grocery stores.

They do not try to swindle anyone out of their money, and most of them know your first name and will stop and talk to you.

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In fact in a small town you often know everyone’s name and what they have been up to, good or bad, and can sit and have a peaceful conversation with them. In small towns you can always see the same old men sitting eating breakfast and drinking coffee at the local diner every morning. You can see people actually working in the field to put food on the table for their families. See them doing the ten dollar jobs that are precious in small towns but get laughed at by city folk.

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