Smile Kid by We the Kings

9 September 2019

Travis Clark is a sweetheart. The frontman of Florida’s pop-rock quartet, We The Kings has a lot of personality (just ask any adoring fan) which is expressed in his online blog along with the love for his longtime girlfriend making him a quirky romantic. Combine this with talented guitarists and a spunky drummer, that should equal an awesome follow up to their self-titled debut album right?


Smile Kid shows literally almost no progress from We the Kings. To be honest it feels like 11 rejected songs from the debut album. I don’t see how the group has evolved. They definitely played it safe and that is a deadly mistake. If you look at the successful musicians now, they’re people who are trying to push themselves and take risks and establish identities for themselves. If We the Kings wants to compete with that, they have to step up their game.

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I will not go as far to call Smile Kid a sophomore slump because as unoriginal as the songs feel, Travis’s voice is definitely something that saves the record along with his romantic beachy lyrics. Also the acoustic covers are irresistible.

We the Kings has the opportunity to be an amazing band, they just have to realize it themselves.

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