Smoke-Free Workplace

4 April 2015
Examines health hazards, research, smoker profile, anti-smoking programs, compliance with regulations, responses of businesses & tobacco firms.

Cigarette smoking constitutes a major public health concern in the United States (King, Flora, Fortmann, and Taylor 1340-1341). Smoking tobacco, particularly in the form of cigarettes, creates a risk of sudden cardiac arrest for smokers three times higher than the comparable risk for a non-smoker (Koop 1). Approximately 85 percent of all lung cancers in the United States are caused by smoking tobacco; persons smoking two packs of cigarettes per day have a lung cancer rate 25 times that of the non-smoker (Koop 1). Cigarette smoking is the major cause of chronic obstructive lung disease–emphysema is common among older persons who have smoked, while it is rarely found among older non-smokers. Premature delivery, spontaneous abortion, and stillbirth risks…
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