Smokeless tobacco

That is why smokeless tobacco is not a safe alternative but safer that smoking. Horned, Richard says that one third of cancer Is caused by smoking. Smokeless tobacco is not a safe alternative to smoking, but it is safer. Although smokeless tobacco it can deliver high doses of nicotine. It is dependence forming, but do not appear to cause cancer or respiratory diseases. (focuses) Suns Is manufactured some harmful chemicals than dependence forming, but do not appear to cause cancer or Increase in cardiovascular risks and Is likely to be harmful to lower than those caused by smoking. (focuses) People have been brainwashed that smokeless tobacco and smoking cigarettes have the same effects on your body, which is wrong, because humans don’t get lung cancer from smokeless tobacco.

Plus lung cancer has a higher hence of killing you, because when you breathe it spreads through your body. People say that smokeless tobacco is more addictive, but GHz, S-H says that “Men quit smokeless tobacco at three times the rate of quitting cigarettes (38. 8% vs.. 1 1. 6 All tobacco is addictive and hard to quit. Smokeless tobacco is more addicting because it has a higher nicotine level then.. Cigarettes, but since it has more nicotine you wont have to put in a dip as much as you would smoke a cigarette. When dipping you also leave it in your mouth longer than it takes to smoke a cigarette, so you will have to smoke more often.

Everyone says that dip cause mouth cancer. Tooth loss, and yellow teeth. Dry. Rood says that as long as you get regular checkups at the dentist and you brush your teeth you will not lose your teeth and the dentist will be able to catch any sign of cancer before it turns serious. Up to 90% of oral cancer is caused by smoking not smokeless tobacco (Dry. Rood). People think that they can only get lung cancer from smoking not any other cancers. When you put a dip in your mouth you only have it in that one spot, but when you smoke it goes everywhere in your mouth which puts you at a higher risk of attaining oral cancer.

Most cases of oral cancer from smokeless tobacco use are above the age of 70 and have been using it for more than 55 years (Dry. Rood) Smokeless tobacco can shorten your life right because it is bad for you, wrong, the difference in peoples life expectancy that have never used smokeless tobacco and people that have used it is only . 001 of a year (Dry. Rood). In Sweden smokeless tobacco Is huge, It Is like there way of life. Sweden has high life expectancy, but if smokeless tobacco was a health risk this would not be so, say Dry. Rood. Nobody in Sweden really smokes cigarettes.

They have one of the sweet rates In oral cancer and It Is way lower than the U. S. (Dry. Rood). 80% of ‘OFF Smokeless tobacco is not even on that list. Over the next 20 years the U. S. Will spend over 1 trillion dollars on medical expenses with smoking being 800 billion (Dry. Rood) Leukemia will affect 40 to 80 percent of smokeless tobacco users. Although leukemia might sound scary, all it is white spots in your mouth from dipping a little too much. Researchers say that there is a small chance that it will ever go to the next stage which is cancer. You can keep it from developing by Just changing the placement of your dip.

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