Smoke&Mirrors by Lifehouse

So I decided to do an article on the band Lifehouse. I really don’t know why I picked this band; I guess I was listening to it when I was trying to pick something to write about. It seems to be a good topic to talk about so here it goes…
Lifehouse – Whatever it takes
A strangled smile fell from your face, It kills me that I hurt you this way, The worst part is that I didn’t even know, Now there’s a million reasons for you to go, But if you can find a reason to stay, I’ll do whatever it takes, To turn this around, I know what’s at stake, I know that I’ve let you down, And if you give me a chance, Believe that I can change, I’ll keep us together whatever it takes, She said “If we’re gonna make this work, You gotta let me inside even though it hurts, Don’t hide the broken parts that I need to see”, She said “Like it or not it’s the way it’s gotta be, You gotta love yourself if you can ever love me”, I’ll do whatever it takes, To turn this around, I know what’s at stake, I know that I’ve let you down, And if you give me a chance, And give me a break, I’ll keep us together, I know you deserve much better, But remember the time I told you the way that I felt, That I’d be lost without you and never find myself, Let’s hold onto each other above everything else, Start over, start over, I’ll do whatever it takes, To turn this around, I know what’s at stake, I know I’ve let you down, And if you give me a chance, and believe that I can change, I’ll keep us together whatever it takes
The Bio of Lifehouse
Radio-ready song craftsmen and raucous live rock and roll band. On their coming fifth studio album,” Smoke & Mirrors”, the band finally unites these two courageous personalities. “We toured for over a year before we started making this record,” says singer and guitarist Jason Wade. “With the new album we really wanted to capture what we were doing on the road but halfway through recording, it was apparent we hadn’t focused enough on the equally important radio side. It finally made sense to just do both.”
Still in their twenties, the guys in Lifehouse have an impressive resume. Founding members Jason Wade and drummer Ricky Woolstenhulme Jr. met in Los Angeles and formed the band in the late 90s. Lifehouse released its smash debut No Name Face in 2000, which launched them to global stardom. Their breakout single “Hanging by a Moment” was the single most played radio track of 2001. Over the next few years – joined first by a replacement, bassist Bryce Soderberg and more recently by new member, guitarist Ben Carey – Lifehouse built upon that initial success. Combined album sales are over 5 million and Lifehouse singles have sold over 3 million copies online including number one hits “Hanging By a Moment” and “You and Me.” Later Lifehouse singles “First Time,” “Whatever it takes,” and “Broken” have also achieved major chart and sales success.

Whatever it takes- To me this song is about a boy trying to keep a relationship with the girl he loves, but the girl doesn’t feel the same way that he does about her
Fallen in- A boy is falling in love with a girl but he doesn’t know how to tell her so he writes a song about it.
You and me- It’s about a girl and his relationship. How it’s making him happy to be with her. And her being happy with him.
Broken- A girl broke his heart badly and he wants her back, I guess she didn’t really, actually love him.
Take me away- He doesn’t want to leave her. He wants to just freeze time just so he could spend the time with her, and only her.
From where you are- She might have moved and he wants her to come back, it might be a he…
Everything-Everything around him is reminding him of the memories from an ex or his current girlfriend.
Breathing-He wants to be close to a special person, and never leave.

These are mostly my favorite songs from Lifehouse because it somehow had an impact on my life. Once I heard the song “Whatever it takes” I couldn’t stop listening to it. It was like it was made for me, you know how you hear one song and you automatically love it?? Yep, that’s what it did to me. But I got bored with that song so I decided to pick a different song to listen to and it was “You and Me”. That song really got to me at first, I felt confused, but then I actually understood the song. Really all of his songs had some kind of understanding to me, I just couldn’t stop. I’m stuck on that band like super glue.

“Whatever it takes” has a special meaning to me. It was my first song I’ve ever listened to by Lifehouse, It’s relatable to my life, and I know what the main idea of the song is. I love that song so much.
A little bit about the band,
Lifehouse is an American alternative band from Malibu, California. They came to prominence in 2001 with the hit single “Hanging by a Moment” from their major-label debut album, No Name Face. The single won a Billboard Music Award for Hot 100 Single of the Year, beating out Janet Jackson and Alicia Keys for the #1 Single of 2001. In 2002, they released their follow up album Stanley Climbfall. They have released two more albums: the self-titled Lifehouse in 2005 and Who We Are on, 2007. These albums have spawned the singles “You and Me”, “First Time”, and “Whatever It takes”, which have all been top 40 hits in the US. The group includes Jason Wade (lead vocals, guitar), Rick Woolstenhulme Jr. (drums, percussion), Bryce Soderberg (bass guitar) and Ben Carey (guitar).

Thanks for reading my article, I hope you enjoyed it. I know I did just by making it. I think I’m obsessed with this band ha-ha, anyway again thanks for reading my piece.

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