Smoking Ban

8 August 2016

Introduction: Smoking is not always treated as a good habit for a healthy, regular life style and a positive image. People always put a bad impression on who is smoking when they first meet. It seems that society has been stereotype smokers as unwelcome citizens. How smoking developed from a social etiquette to an ugly manner? Nowadays, people will not treat smoking as a social habit but a social disarm of ethic and health.

People are trying to against smoking habit as state it is a tumor of our society and rebuild a clean atmosphere for society and our next generation. Even in the western countries like USA or UK, sounds from anti-smoking campaign are being wide spread. We can see the force against between the freedom of smoking and anti-smoking. We have compared countries’ attitude and policy on tobacco and smoker which try to prove against tobacco is being a trend in the society. We are also put some solution for society on smoker and smoking issue.

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This essay will first discuss the phenomenon of smoking over the years and why people prohibit This essay will first discuss the… then it will go on to examine the…and finally….. , it will offer insights and a discussion of future possibilities. We should have Question analysis, background, outline and thesis statement Objective : become clear+ We shouldn’t put so much for self-opinion but stick on evidence you found and discuss it. Point –evidence- explain Main Body: Definition:

Social pariahs is a negative word which use to describe those people have bad behavior and being harmful to others and society. Pariah comes from the Indian wording which they used to divide the class of people. People who were called pariah are not welcome by other class of people and they cannot even change the states even few generations pass. From long time ago, the word “Pariah” full of discriminative meaning because bad impression of born-belonging states, but nowadays smokers are said to be pariahs because their act is affecting others.

Smokers had already built a wicked and depraved image to public, from opium Ching density of China to nowadays tobacco, society are putting so much effort on prohibit people from smoking. The western countries like USA and UK are now fighting with people who smoke cigarettes. By statistic conduct by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on USA smokers, there were about 18. 1% of American adults being smokers which represent about 42. 1 million Americans (CDC, 2012), while in UK, Lifestyle Statistics, Health and Social Care Information Centre find that

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