Smoking Is a Bad Habit

Technology existed and studied in the late 1980’s by Albert Einstein,Alexander Grahambell and other intelligent scientists. Meanwhile,tradition existed and began centuries ago. Nowadays,people still practice their own tradition in our daily lives. Therefore,I disagree with the opinion that state technology are incompatible. First and foremost,one of the reason i disagree upon the opinion is that most people in the world still have strong beliefs with their own tradition and culture in their hearts.

Although,technology becoming more advance each day but their traditional thoughts are still solid in their minds because they have thought by their ancestor since they were little. The elders that have high tradition beliefs still teaching the people and past the traditional beliefs from one generation to another. Thus,in Malaysia people still wear kebaya,baju melayu,sari,cheongsam and other traditional clothes along celebrating their cultural festivals.

In addition,this is also due to the role n responsibilities of the government to maintain and sustain the tradition for the sake of the people. The government still established cultural festivals and building more museums to make the people realise how tradition is very important to us. The artifacts are also strictly keep and protect against all threats by the government is it provide valuable information to us. Artifacts are displayed in the museum as reference for the people to know more about their culture.

Furthemore,media responsibilities are also one of the main reason I disagree about the opinion. The media still promoting cultures and tradition through any kinds of information technology such as in the internet,television and even in magazines. The media also make footage to study about the tradition even thought they use technology gadgets to gather the information. For example,we can notice that the culture are still become a documentary in the Discovery channel. Apart from that,it also because of the education aspect.

Children and teenagers who learns in the primary and secondary schools are taking history lessons which is provided by the school. Universities and some college also accommodate history and cultural courses for the students. The school also established cultural clubs for the students to learn more about their tradtion. Cultural shows like silat and cultural dance still held in any events. In a nutshell,tradition can still exist and compatible with technology in our daily lives despite that technology are overcoming and spreading through our minds and thoughts nowadays.

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