Snow White and the Bounty Hunter

4 April 2015
A comparison of the masculinity and femininity roles of two female characters from the movie “9 to 5”.

This essay compares the masculinity and femininity of two female characters from the movie “9 to 5”. The characters are Violet played by Lily Tomlin and Judy played by Jane Fonda. The essay starts off with in simple layout of the movie and the characters. The next part talks about the similarities and differences of the two characters. The author explains how one character is more masculine and the other is more feminine and relates what these roles mean in real life and how masculine women differ from feminine women.
“What would it say to the women in society if a very feminine-like person was a top executive, the makers probably asked themselves? It would make all of the homemakers, the masculine and feminine, go out and think they could get a job and rise to the top. Moreover, having a feminine-like person as an executive, according to the filmmakers would be very bad. I am very glad to see that today, women are not thought of as just homemakers anymore. People are beginning to value women at home and in the workplace. The only question I want to ask is what took so long?”
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