1 January 2019

Life, associated with nature, likewise takes its course throughout time, and is influenced by the environmental influences that it undergoes. If I could metaphorically compare anything in nature similarly with the life I am living now, I would definitely choose a snowflake, because of its cyclic and indifferent pattern, relating to the experiences that I faced so far in my life. It is also one of the things that I can associate with people all around the world, who through my own eyes, are each unique and one of a kind.
I remember back in that November day, when I had gone to Chicago with my grandmother in hopes of finding a new path to a brighter future in America, but at the same time, saying my last goodbyes to the people that brought me up as a child and cared for me when my mother was away. It was the first time I have met my mother in a long time and had witnessed snow, a moment which I could cherish and relive forever. Since then, I have always loved snow, and not a day passes by that I would smile just at the sight of seeing the snow covered streets, and people frolicking and making use of their free time playing with family or friends. The only regret I had was that most of my loved ones couldn’t share these special occasions with me together. Thankfully, I was surrounded by people that helped me get through the struggles I had in communication and by their encouragement, I overcame anxiety and shyness as my confidence grew stronger each day.
As a boy growing up without a father figure to fall upon during times when my mother was busy coping to find a decent job she would come to enjoy, it was frequently hard to deal with many things correlating with my schoolwork. Often I’d get stressed out and become too worried of what I should do to ease the pains I faced in times of hardship. Even though it was difficult to confront, it was what built up my courage to carry on the hopes and dreams I was willing to surpass. At the time my mom decided to live in New York, where we were lucky to have some family, whom all greeted and welcomed us with open arms. Again, a day could not have been anymore perfect, as I gazed at each snowflake glistening in the parting rays of the sun. Wherever I went, I felt that I have met different people who have positively affected me, as I am directed on a path to an even brighter future, just as snowflakes each pass by one another, falling to wherever they are lead by the wind.
From then on, I started to profoundly believe in myself and became ready in doing anything I put my mindset onto. Learning to never give up and do the best you can do are by far some of my many favorite morals given to me by the people I am thankful for all throughout my life. United and limitless as snow, I can always count on family and friends to help me even in the hardest of times, into a life I am proud to live.

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