1 January 2020

SNSD, or Girl’s Generation, has been on top in Asia and is now

expanding their popularity internationally. This group of nine girls is looked upon as

SNSD REVIEW by SNSD Essay Example

idols; have stunning looks and amazing voices; and can also dance.

Their debut song, “Into the New World”, is what made them so famous in the first

place. This song shows people their cute side and also has some high vocals that some

people can’t achieve. In the music video, the girls are working on something new, like a

new plane, a new motor bike, and a new picture on a brick wall. Towards the end of the

song, they achieve their goals and feel a sense of accomplishment. In the lyrics, they

say “Don’t wait for a miracle/ there’s a rough road in front of us and future that can’t be

known/ yet I won’t change/ I won’t give up” (Translated).This motivates people to keep

moving on and go over obstacles to achieve their goals.

“Kissing You” is another song that made people think that they were so adorable

and increased their popularity. This song gives them a pure and innocent image. In the

video, they dance with white fluffy dresses and are holding a plush lollipop that

resembles the look of an angel. In the beginning of the song, it sounds

like how you would sing to a tune when you were little: “Doo doo doo do doo doo

Kissing you babeeeyyy”.

They recently came out with a new song, “The Boys”. This changed the already

girl image to a more mature and feminine image. They went from a girly and kid

look to a more edgy and fierce characterization. This song has become popular world

wide, including America and even the Middle East. Three days after the teaser of the

music video came out on Youtube, it hit 1.5 million views. Two days after the release of

the actual music video on Youtube, it reached over 7 million views. Now in December, it

has more than 14 million views. This song gives a more agressive and fierce feeling. “I

can’t just stand here and watch/ Even if it clashes and breaks numerous times, get up/

Show me your wild side that is sharp and cool, my boy/ Bring the boys out.” This has a

totally different affect on people than the other songs that talk about relationships as if it

were from the point of view from someone in middle school or high school, childish.

Changing images of the singers/groups have a great effect because it doesn’t make you

seem bored of the songs and the songs don’t seem repetitive.

Before people listen to these songs, they might not feel like they want to because

of the possiblity it won’t be understood. These people should just think of all the other

people that don’t live in the U.S. and listen to American songs without understanding

them. People living in the U.S. don’t listen to foreign songs because they find no point in

it, and others find it weird to be listening to music from another country. Even if people

can’t understand the lyrics, they should listen to the catchiness of the song and the

amazing vocals of it. People still enjoy these songs because of how they sound. Next

time people don’t have anything to listen to and their tired of the songs they’ve been

listening to, they should give these a try and see if they like it or not, because these

listeners might even end up liking something that they’d never imagine even listening to.

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