So You Want to Be an Engineer?

5 May 2019

Even though my sister lives in Washington DC now, I still find myself marveling at the Discovery Channel – my favorite shows being “Mythbusters” and “Discovery Project Earth.” These programs hold my attention in ways that allow me to focus my aptitude for and interest in science and engineering. By watching “Mythbusters,” I have witnessed how a working knowledge of science and engineering can work as the foundation on which to build an exciting, versatile, and productive career in engineering. Additionally, the entire cast of “Mythbusters” constantly reveals their unique personalities and senses of humor all while carrying out their responsibilities. The ability to be creative, use my intellect, and maintain my sense of humor are very important aspects of my education and future career that I can see resulting from an engineering degree. Not only has “Mythbusters” served as a significant influence on my future aspirations, but so has “Discovery Project Earth.” This miniseries relays information about the new technology and methods that scientists are creating and utilizing to reduce global warming and dependency on fossil fuels. While watching each episode religiously, I became aware of my concern for the environment and its protection. I watched the new methods being developed and could picture myself carrying out research of this nature in hopes of making a positive difference in the world and in people’s lives. I realized that I do not merely want to skate by in life behind a desk; I want to accomplish something, to continually be intrigued by and interested in my career, and to make a difference in the world – all through engineering.
Additionally, I have never been shy about my passion for science and engineering as I have been involved in many science clubs and competitions throughout high school. The Junior Engineering Technical Society allowed me to think like an engineer and try to solve problems that engineers face on a daily basis. Then through the Toshiba NSTA Awards Competition, I worked with two other classmates interested in engineering to invent a product that would improve on past technology; furthermore, we actually received recognition as being in the top 10% of all entries. This project was very eye opening and exciting because I was once again given the opportunity to put on the shoes of an engineer. Not only did these competitions further my interest in becoming an engineer, but I began to realize that not many girls were involved in theses activities. This understanding seemed strange to me because I attend an all girls’ school where I am surrounded by girls interested in science. However, I realize that is not the case across the state and nation. As a result, I would love to change the stereotype that men are brainier and more adept at math and science so they should become engineers. Also, I have talked with my sister about her experience studying mechanical engineering in college, a very male dominated field. She felt a little underrepresented and that the men did not always take her seriously, but she says that this feeling motivated her to do better and prove them wrong in the end. Thus, I would like to change people’s minds about engineering as well.
Everyone wants to make a difference in the world; however, I believe that as an engineer, the possibilities to make improvements are far greater. Because of my sister’s and my teachers’ guidance, I have developed a true passion for math, science, and problem solving. Thanks to these amazing people in my life, I have focused my talents towards engineering and even more specifically on energy and the environment. In a world, where consumption of energy and natural resources is continually climbing, I believe that it is our responsibility to attempt to lessen this dependency on finite resources. As a result, I hope to make a difference by developing new, more efficient, and more cost effective technology that uses renewable resources.

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