Soap Operas in the Philippines

1 January 2017

Soap operas in The Philippines originated when Gulong ng Palad was first heard on the radio in 1949. The genre then expanded into television in the early 1960s. The first Philippine TV soap opera was Hiwaga sa Bahay na Bato in 1963, and was produced by ABS-CBN. Liwanag ng Pag-ibig, Prinsipe Amante, and many others soon followed. [1] The “soaps” were usually shown during daytime, however in 1996, soap opera programming was moved to primetime due to the popularity gained by the Mexican telenovela, Marimar, which aired in The Philippines on RPN 9.

This marked the start of the telenovela craze in The Philippines. Major networks followed the trend by showing local and foreign telenovelas in their respective timeslots. Eventually, Philippine primetime began to focus on serial dramas and anthologies; both becoming highly watched programs. And in 2008, TV5 revived serial dramas for Philippine Primetime television. In 2000, ABS-CBN, made a milestone move in television when it introduced Pangako sa ‘Yo, which has since been known to be the first official teleserye, and Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay.

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These teleseryes set the standard for present teleserye productions in The Philippines. This new genre became a big hit in the country, and its popularity was soon spread to other countries. Because of this phenomenon, subsequent soap operas shown on television have regularly come to be referred to as teleseryes while GMA Network officially began referring to their television dramas as teledramas.

In 2011, GMA Network, recently make their drama series like, Amaya (first historical drama show in the country), Mistaken Identity (first morning drama under GMA ETV Group) and Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin (first TV drama had a remake of the classic series in a same network). ABS-CBN did a remake of the longest running teleserye, Mara Clara and Mula Sa Puso. TV5 did also a remake of the long running teleserye, Valiente.

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