Social Breaching Exercise

People sometimes assume what might not be real. I took my daughter age 3, my niece age 4, and my cousin’s daughter age 6 to the mall by myself. My own reaction was “would I be able to handle this kids by myself at a public place. ” We left and as soon as I started walking through the mall the first reaction was everyone looking at me as if I was weird or I had something on my face, my kids were asking to go to the Disney Store nothing much, no screaming or doing nothing out of the ordinary, I had asked myself why everywhere I went they will just turn and look at the kids and then at me.

I had figure that maybe it was because I was alone with three small kids, until I overheard someone say “so young and with three kids” I couldn’t believe what their reaction was for me having three kids. It is unbelievable how people will just assume that they were all mine. Lawrence is my home town, unfortunately is very common for young girls to have kids at a young age, and is more like a Stigma everyone in this area will always assume that if you are taking care of a child or have a baby in your arms will automatically think that you are the mom of that child.

By looking at this people I realized and for a moment felt out of place, but I changed my thoughts by just saying to my self “I’m married and have my precious daughter who is only 2 and I’m only 26, good for my age” It seams to me that even me knowing this from the start their reaction made me question myself for a few seconds, and at the same time I was able to see with my own eyes how they look at this girls who really have multiple kids at a young age and how they might feel.

In conclusion our everyday life is so much different, people make it different, it is a shame that people will go these limits of making you feel out of place. This is not much more of trying to hide the truth, but all girls in general don’t have to feel ashamed of what had happened and people doesn’t make it much easer either. I’m sure that these girls have their on dilemmas to work on imagine going out and dealing with people too.

I would have to say that I wanted to say something to that person, but I held back since it was just and experiment, but imagine if it was true, I had in my head the stigma of having a child young more so multiples. These people actions of stigmatisms seem to provide these people with joyless pleasure and a temporary sense of superiority and it blinds them to the reality that is humanity.

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