Social Class and Class Structure

9 September 2016

Does the story challenge or defend the status of class structure in the early nineteenth century British society and how? I think the some parts of the story defend the status of class structure in the nineteenth British society, but some other parts challenge the status of class structure. Some plots about Sir Walter, Lady Russell, Elizabeth, Mary and Mr. Elliot are defend the class structure. Sir Walter is vain, pretentious baronet. He has strong desire to maintain his status, which means he regards his class status as a very important part of his life.

He looks down upon the naval officer; actually, I think he disdains all the people who are not as rich and high-profile as him. So when a sir tells him that one naval officer want to rent his Kellynch’s house, he is very angry. He says naval men are ignoble and ugly. Another example is Captain Wentworth comes to the concert, Sir Walter says Captain Wentworth is nobody. And Lady Russell says in amazement:“What on earth he doing in Bath? ” It sounds that Captain shouldn’t be their noble people’s place.

Social Class and Class Structure Essay Example

These two examples show how these noble men’s arrogance. So Sir Walter persuades Anne not to marry Captain Wentworth who is poor and humble, he thinks that Captain Wentworth doesn’t deserve Anne. Lady Russell holds the same idea with Sir Walter. They deeply believe Anne should a man who is rich, so when Mr. Elliot shows his love to Anne, Lady Russell tries to persuade Anne to marry Mr. Elliot. About Mr. Elliot, he is rich man but greedy. In order to inherit Sir Walter’s noble title, he wants to marry Elizabeth at first.

By the way, he is love Anne. He is a traditional man; he defends the status of class structure. Elizabeth and Mary, they were deeply influenced by their farther, they are snobbish and silly. I think this people’s behaviors reflect the people’s life in that time. But the story about Anne and Captain Wentworth challenge the status of class structure. In those high-profile people’s eyes, Captain Wentworth is not a good choice for Anne. But Captain Wentworth maintains the good manners, he is brave, independent.

Anne casts off the class structure to pursue her happiness. To Anne and Captain Wentworth, class is no longer the problem for them. They didn’t marry because of class discrimination, now money, class and other people’s persuasions can not affect them. After so much difficulty, finally, they marry. This happy ending is the reader want to read. I think George Elliot shows her praise to these two protagonists, they bravely find each other. The love between these two people who have different classes has challenged the status of class structure.

I think this is the most striking example to prove the novel challenge the status of class structure. I think the Croft also shows the story challenge the class status of class structure. For example, when they invite Anne and the Musgrove to have dinner in Kellynch’s house, in most of time is Mrs. Croft speaks but not Mr. Croft. In this time women don’t talk very much if her husband is there, but they have the equal position, both of them can talk freely, that’s not common in that time. I think this point is like our society.

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