Social Consequence of the Internet for Adolescents

9 September 2016

Social consequences of the internet for adolescents. “Obviously, when media use changes, its outcomes may change. Because adolescents now predominantly use the Internet to maintain their existing friendships, the condition for negative effects of the Internet on social connectedness and well-being no longer exists. It is no surprise, therefore, that most recent Internet studies have demonstrated that adolescents’ online communication stimulates, rather than reduces, social con- nectedness and/or well-being. For example, in a 2-year follow- up study based on their initial sample of Internet novices, Kraut et al. 2002) found that Internet use improved social connect- edness and well-being.

Several other recent studies have dem- onstrated significantly positive relationships between online communication (mostly IM) and adolescents’ social connected- ness and/or well-being (e. g. , Bessie` re, Kiesler, Kraut, & Boneva, 2008; Valkenburg & Peter, 2007a). However, these positive results are only found for adolescents who use the Internet predominantly to maintain existing friendships (Bessie`re et al.

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Social Consequence of the Internet for Adolescents
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, 2008). When they use it primarily to form new contacts and talk with strangers, the positive effects do not hold (Bessie`re et al. 2008; Valkenburg & Peter, 2007b). ”

The study shows that adolescents strive for more friendships online then they do when they are face to face. The study shows that males open up more online then they do in person. Being online helps them express their feeling better through online self disclosure. The challenges these teens face as a result of technology, I believe is balancing the two of them. For a teen who is very open online, but when they get into a personal setting cannot display the same social skills, then that could hurt some of their friendships. They are almost living a double life.

Online they are this larger than life personality. When they are in person they are an introvert. Social development for our grandparents was very different. If they did not go out and make friends, then they had none. Everything for them was face to face. Their was no technology for keeping in touch other than the telephone, but even that was not used the same. Back in those days there were a lot more social gatherings. And when they had the gatherings a lot of people would attend. Because, that’s how they kept in touch with each other. Reference: Social Consequences of the Internet for Adolescents, Patti M. Valkenburg and Jochen Peter

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