Social Construction of Freaks by Robert Bogdan

1 January 2017

On my trip to come here and passing across some countries , I have the experience to see, it again in Guatemala, Mexico, and The United States, but the interesting thing about it was that in each place, it happened differently, regardless the resources, economy situation, and education level. It also continues happening in the life of youths in different scale, problems and obstacles. My purpose to write this paper is to show you what a talent show is , my reason to organize it, when and where it will happen, who will participate in it, and what I will learn by organizing it.

This talent show will be free for all youthcare’s staff, clients and volunteers that donate their time as their money, and the most important thing is to share their love and contributions to change a lot of lives. Anyway, in this talent show 10 youths will be performing by showing different talents, and each one of them will get a prize for being brave to be on the stage in front of a lot of people. In addition, there will be a talent winner that will be chosen by the audience in the event. The event’s theme will be hope and the scenery will be decorated with different hope’s quotes and people of hope. What does talent show mean?

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Social Construction of Freaks by Robert Bogdan
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Well, I was looking up in the internet for the meaning of a talent show. I found the best and simple description on Wikipedia; it describe a talent show as an event where participants perform their talents of acting, singing, dancing, acrobatics, drumming, martial, arts, playing instruments, and others activities to showcase a unique form of talent . It’s sometimes for a reward, trophy or prize, school talents show awards of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. What does a talent show mean for me? for me, a talent show is a way to express, show our sentiments, and combine it whit the passion and skills that god give to each of us.

Knowing what we have, to be able to show Its to the world. The beauty about a talent show, it’s that raze, skin color, gender, religion are on the side of the way, because the most important are yours skills, talents, and all the sentiments that you put in to it; the sentiments that come from you hearth, no from your color, nationality, gender, or religion. Your talents it’s the give that god gave to you, but you need o find it and when you realize how special, and talent you are; you will be ready to give to the world a strong bright, with the capacity to give light to everyone in your side.

Before, I came to Seattle; I was in Houston, Texas, in a high security immigration program for under 18 immigrants youths whit criminal delist. Most of the kids there have criminal records in the United States. At the first day I was there one kids was broking a t. v. with a chair, the securities were trying to control him. In addition, I was so scary, because most of the clients were violents and mean each other; some of them were gangs members of two different sides in California. Anyway, no matter, how violents they were, I discovered something that surprised me. Most of these kids were no bad or deserved the word criminals.

T hey just did things that were bad, but it don’t want to said that they were bad kids whit bad sentiments or bad human beings. In addition, almost most of this kids was listening me, respecting me, and getting alone with me, but not before respecting them, listening them, trying to understand they way to being; understanding were they came from, who they family members are, and the situations that happened in their life. I discovered that these guys only have needed and still need someone to listen, understand, and motivate to believe in their skills, capacities, talents, their dreams.

People to do see them how valuable they are. Nobody like to be critiqued by others, but something sad about this world is that most of people do. It’s easy to critic and see the bad things that others do, the hard thing is to try to listening and under thing others. Anyway in Texas, juvenile jail for under 18 immigrants, rulers were astrictive, for instance we could out to the jail’s yard one hour a day and while that time, most of the youths were playing soccer because they loved; I also realized that other young loved dancing, singing, drawing, and make things by hands, most of them were so talents.

In addition, I was having living there for two months. I wanted to looking for the way to show them how talent, they were, but for do it I need something better than word. I need actions and examples that show it to them; after a while of thinking about it. I came with the conclusion to ask to the staff there and get from them ideas, that could give me a gin about, what to do? to make possible motivate the kids from there, by showing their abilities. nyway when I asked to some of the staff for ideas no all reacting positive about it; some of them said it to me, “I can see your good intension; Carlos, but the only talent that I can see in most of them is to scream, and fight each other’’ this kind of negative commentaries didn’t stop me to continuo to looking for a way to organize something that show my friend’s talents that by that time, I was seeing them how brothers. In addition one of my favorite staff and friend gave me what I was looking for.

Miss, Edith gave me the idea to organize a talent show, she is from, Colombia and the person that teaches me to use a computer, and some Basic English. Anyway, she came with the great idea that I need to encourage and to show to my latins brothers there how value they are; with the idea in my hands. I began to talk about it with them. I was so enthusiastic, because it will make them get more confidence in their self. Something interesting about my culture it’s that most latins don’t like to be parts of events, it mean doing anything in from of people.

The main reason of it is because most latinos don’t like to lost or make in mistake from others. The thing is that was no easy to get them be part of the talent show, but tanks of god, they have confidence in myself and after of explain them that where nothing to lost, and a lot to win. After of be sure that the youth will participate in it, I need to get the premise from the jail director and the date that it be. She was agree about it, and she was also very happy about the idea she did believe that a what I wanted to do. in addition, after I talked with the director and have her authorization.

I needed to find the date and time, therefore the weekend was a great time to do it because we didn’t have anything to do in at that time. In addition almost all the staff were so happy to help me with it. Some of them also were interesting on performer in the show; and I was so happy to said to them yes. Anyway the talent show were realized in a April’s weekend at the big living room of the C area; the talent show there was very inspire for the youths and worker there and also it was very inspire for me, because its really did a big impact and a positive experience for each of us.

My experience with talent and hope in Seattle, Washington I really don’t know how, Seattle began to be a big part of my achievements and goals. In addition when the immigration programs send me, from Texas to here, I thought I andwas coming to the capital of the United States. I never imagnated that Seattle, was my destination, the city of the United States, that changed my life in a big scale. Anyway, I was transfer from a high security immigration program to a normal immigration program for under 18 immigrants.

The program is call. Casa de los amigos that in English is mean; something like, home of the friends, in casa almost all the staff speak English, and Spanish, for me it was a great opportunity to learn some basic English; at that time I didn’t speak English, and casa’s staff where always happy to help me, with it. In addition, every day I was learning more, and more English’s words on a couples of days, I knew how to introduce myself, and some important English’s question. For instance, to ask for food and other kind of things.

Anyway casa’s kids were very talents most them loved to sing an dance others liked better to draw, gymnastic, to play soccer, and tell stories. In addition, in casa I never organized a talent show, but I was always encourage them to don’t be embarrassing about to dance, or sing etc. some of the casa kids where desesperated, and they got obsess about to be in a place where, they can’t go out and the fact that we didn’t have any family close of us.

It was very hard, we latins are accustom to always be together with our family, because it is our most important value, I knowing it. I began to encourage them to be patience with the staff there, and their cases. I knew that don’t matter how bad or good do you feel about it, time is time and is passing, it can’t stop. The point is how to use it and take bandage about the opportunities we have there, we could communicate with our family by phone 2 time a week. We also have a lot Latin food, and one of the best things in casa is that you can go outside 2 times a day.

It never will happen in most of the immigration programs in the Unite State. In my own experience I can say that; Casa de los Amigos is one of the best program in The United States for immigrants under 18. When one of my friends talked to me about how, frustrate, sad and desperate he was feel. I just give my way to see the situation, and show him the big significant and positive things that we had there. I put them to think about the opportunity to grow how a youth and use the time learning and improving they talents, abilities, that they have and love.

Getting better in then at the way that they can use it to overcome, successfully, and change their life. I talk the true to most of them about to don’t do nothing talking with them to just point, and argue about all the negative things, and problems that we all have. Because it just will make us feel sad and frustrated about the things in our life. I always talked to them that we have the power of choose the way to see things and problems in our life. We can choose between the positive or negative way.

Anyway, in casa I was fighting an immigration case to state in the United Stated. Therefore my two layers got me the opportunity to go out of “Casa de los Amigos program” to go to a non immigration program where I could go to school, be more free, and go out for myself whit any adult’s supervision. While I was in there the immigration system and the state was desisted my future to state or be deportee to my country. Anyway go to other program motive and inspire me to continue working in my goals and objectives that I have for the future.

It also motivated me to learn more and more the English to be able to communicate well with others, knowing that English is a universal language that will open doors to me, wherever a go. In addition, I can say from my own opinion that pathway’s program, at the time I was there was a very good place to grow, learn and discover new things. It also has a very good and professional people working there. Anyway, with the pass of the time I have living in it. I could understand and speak a little better the English language.

For instance, speaking and understanding the English was a little easier. I could have a small conversation with the staff and youths there, it was a very good way to listen and understand the reason why the youths were there and no whit their family? In addition, the kids there have a lot to talk about it, each of them have a sad story about their life to share, no matter the fact of being a citizens in capitalist country where most people think , life is more easy and, because the economic situation and the support of the government.

In addition, things are not that easy, almost all the kids from pathway program had have drugs addiction, and depression problems. Its, because they did have a unite family or others family’s problems etc. anyways, I met in there a lot talents kids, likewise Alyssa, and Max: They were like brother and Sister Alyssa, is one of the funniest person that I know, and Max is coolest guy ever met. By now, Alyssa and Max, have a lot done in their life, for instance both of them are going to college this is just emagazine. In Addition, both of them talked me that that they hate school about it, I just got them my humble opinion.

I talked them that everyone that want to grow as a person in this glove need to go school and it is just a another step in our life to got the enough innollege to be able to get what we want, and the most important be a example in a positive way for the family that we will have in the future and also have the enough economic resources to have a stable life, support you family, and if we study what we love to do, we will be happy and our kids will be happy and proud of us, we will be able to say to them you can file your dreams you can do it, I could do it.

Anyway, Max still working in is passion in life, that is music, he love play the guitar, and the thing is that he is so talent doing it. In addition, Alyssa love to act in the theater, and she is just has a naturally talents in it. Likewise, them I met inside, “Pathway” a lot of others talents kids with a lot struggles, and difficult situations in their life’s. Anyway, I love the kids I met in Pathway program.

In addition actually they are like my American brothers, and sisters. They make a big change in my life, in the way of try to understand better and be more open mind about the youths from from here and they culture. Anyway Pathway for me, was a great learning and discovered experience. The staff really were like parents for me, and the kids were and still conder for me, as how it. In addition, after, I left from pathway. I went to passage’s program.

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