Social Cultural Trends

2 February 2017

The four current sociocultural trends that I’d like to focus on are increasing environmental awareness, changing pace and location of life, changing household composition and increasing diversity of workforce and markets. Here at Tobyhanna Army Depot, a green vegetative roof was funded with Research and Development money meant to test easily transferable technologies and verify their impacts. Team Tobyhanna funded three other roofs because of the benefits and to reduce the heat loading from the black roofs in an effort to avoid an expensive air conditioning project.This past summer here was the first one on record as having no complaints about the heat in those areas and it was an unusually warm summer here. Our data indicates 25% reduction in heating costs and we expect cooling cost savings to be even greater. Additionally, we also experienced about 40% reduction in storm water runoff as result of our efforts to improve environmental measures across the entire workforce.

Secondly, lots of information and technology forms of communication application are too complicated or hardly worth the trouble for some users especially when people allow these devices to cause undue stressors or pressure. Some reactions to the typology characterize Americans as uninterested in information and communication technology or collectively hostile to cyberspace. Here at Tobyhanna Army Depot, approximately 32% of those with either cell phones or internet say that they need help from someone else to set up or use new electronic gadgets.

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