Social Ethics

1 January 2017

Essay Questions Answer the following four essay questions. 1. Analyze the concept of corporate citizenship and show the distinction between the concepts of corporate social responsibility, corporate social responsiveness and corporate social performance. How are these ideas different from each other? How are they similar? Your response should include an analysis of the CSR pyramid and the duties and obligations at each level. You should also address the issue of Triple Bottom Lines and how that affects the contemporary CSR model.

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Provide an example of a company you believe exhibits the principles associated with corporate citizenship, corporate social responsibility and the triple bottom line. Justify your selection of that company. 2. Provide an example of a major corporation or business that shows how that entity has adopted a moral management model. Within your analysis you should also show how the company has utilized the four key strategy levels in strategic management (Enterprise, Corporate, Business level and Functional) to have a successful yet ethical company.

Show also how that business has identified various stakeholders; answered the key questions in stakeholder management (Who stakeholders are; What stakes; what opportunities and challenges do present; what responsibilities does firm have to stakeholders; and what strategies or actions should take to address challenges and opportunities); and how the business has implemented strategies to manage its stakeholders. 3. Discuss the fundamental difference between issue management and crisis management.

Provide an example a company operating in Cayman that has managed issues to prevent them from moving to crisis using the issue management process in figure 6-3 on page 154. Then provide an example of a company that successfully managed a crisis using the Business Week model of crisis management (5 steps on page 167). Why was the company able to successfully manage the crisis and what lessons can be learned from the example you use for future crisis management strategies?

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