Social Gender

6 June 2017

Gender is a collection of expectations and privileges that is assigned to people of a different sex. Sex is a determination made through the application of socially agreed upon biological criteria for classifying a person as male or female. Everyone can relate to social gender roles and the effect it has on the person we are today. Lorber in “Night to his Day: The Construction of Gender” says, “everyone does gender unknowingly due to it being done so often”. Without us recognizing we are shaped and forced into doing gender by others and society.

Gender roles give certain people a certain around sorority and social status levels as to males being masculine strong individuals, who brings home the bacon, who are independent and able to take care of the needs of himself and his family. On the other hand females in western society have be seen as being feminine, nurturing, beautiful, loving, takes care of all house duties, and always have a meal prepared for her husband when he is finished his long day at work. Lorber says, “In today’s society gender roles are drastically changing for men and women.

Social Gender Essay Example

Today fathers are taking care of little children, girls and little boys are wearing unisex clothing and getting the same education, women and men are working at the same Job (336). ” Dating back to over 100 years ago gender roles and differences have been very strict, we see in todays society that it is drastically changing and that males and females are able to accomplish the same task. Lots of students may have misconceptions on gender in society today. Gender is not always understood due to the drastic change in the roles in society today.

It is not always evident how it has an effect on our lives and how it has molded us into the persons we are today. Without knowing many students do gender unknowingly through everyday activities, such as what we wear, how we talk, and the way we act around one another. By freshman students reading Lorber’s, “Night to his Day: The Construction of Gender” it will give them understanding on social gender and how it is changing in society today. Gender before was attached to a person by the way you look, act, and do thing different things.

As seen in earlier times, men have worked outside their homes, being the main source of income for their family. As for that they held some of the most powerful positions and Jobs in society, such Lawyer, and politician. Women on the other hand, ruled the home. They were expected to stay home raise children and have an evening meal prepared for or another stereotypical female position. Now females are high ranking officials, judges and are making huge impacts on life today.

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