New technologies exacerbate social isolation with the advent of online social networking communities, there are increasing alternatives to do social activities that do not require real world physical interaction. Besides that, people are gaining support through hours of texting and social networking rather than meeting with each other face to face. either on their webcam or just simply sign in to Facebook to chit chat. Although chat rooms, message boards meeting the need for those who are far apart, but misuse of these communication tools pulls people away from traditional social settings.

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In a study conducted by Andrea Cockett, she concentrates on children that depend upon technology such as internet, phones, video game systems, etc. These technologies are isolating the children from what’s beyond home. Children are being isolated from the outside world. (Social isolation, 2012) Other than that, Hikikomori and Otaku are two particular groups of users of digital technologies causing social withdrawal problem in Japan. This issue begins due to the technological boom which altered Japan’s social structure.

Hikikomori are people who do not want to leave their house or room and isolate themselves from society for a period of more than six months. (Cha, 2010) According to the Oxford English, Otaku is defined as a person who is skilled in the use of computer technology and is considered by some to be poor at interacting with others. (Tsutsui, 2008) They somewhat wander away from the social norms of society. Otakus are mostly Japanese computer nerds who live in front of their computers and play stations surfing the Net and playing computer games, totally alienated and isolated from the outside world.

For instance, a monster otaku is an otaku into TV and manga monster. (Otakus, 2004) There are also Pasocon otakus, who are people obsessed with their personal computers. Another would be the Gemu otaku, who is obsessed with video games. (Basil, 2012) The overrated use of Internet has brought coldness and distance between people. Instead of meeting people, internet addicts choose to stay at home and surf through different web pages and are alone with their personal computers. (Social Isolation and New Technology, 2012) That’s how technology makes us less sociable.

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