Social Mobility in the United States

4 April 2015
Describes past and present opportunities for social mobility for white females in the United States.

This paper looks at social mobility for white females in the United States from 1900 to the present. The author uses facts and figures from the Census Bureau to show how the current generation of white females attending college and preparing to enter the work force is on a path toward greater opportunities and achievement than seen in the past. However, the author feels there is still far to go.
“The level of educational attainment for white females has consistently increased since 1900. Over the past two decades, women have made substantial educational progress. The large gaps between the education levels of women and men that were evident in the early 1970s have essentially disappeared for the younger generation. Although they still fall behind males in mathematics and science achievement, high school females on average outperform males in reading and writing, and take more credits in academic subjects. In addition, females are more likely than males to attend college after high school, and are as likely to graduate with a postsecondary degree.”
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