Social Networking Sites Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Social networking sites ( SNSs ) such as Facebook. web logs and Twitter have grown progressively popular in recent old ages. In peculiar. Facebook has become the most visited SNS in the universe with more than 800 million active users ( Facebook. 2011. cited by Lee et Al. 2012:1036 ) . SNS can be defined as “a new method of pass oning. using computing machines as a collaborative tool to speed up group information and escalate group range and influence” ( Kane et al. 2009. cited by Lin and Lu. 2011:1152 ) . This essay will reason that although to some extent SNSs have caused concerns such as cyberbullying between striplings and privateness concerns. those web sites are still chiefly good for persons who use them by heightening societal connexion and interaction. prosecuting formal and informal acquisition chances and besides profiting users in concern countries and work topographic points. This essay will discourse both positive and negative effects from SNSs to users in socialising. instruction and work. and the decision will supply some operable suggestions for betterments. The first chief facet that significantly benefits SNSs’ users is heightening societal connexion and interaction between each other.

Harmonizing to Dyrud ( 2011:475 ) . from 2009 to 2010. the clip people dedicate to socialising online increased 43 % . This addition is peculiarly associated with two signifiers of connexion. First. SNS offers multiple media for users to pass on with their current friends. such as electronic mail. instant messaging. public and private bulletin boards. and even internet phone services ( Kim et al. 2010:219 ) . This means it non merely allows immature people to remain in contact with a broad scope of offline friends and relations stingily and expeditiously. but besides positively empowers the connexions and support between older grownups. Furthermore. a friend-recommendation engine has been invented for persons to run into new friends via SNSs which may be based on the school they attended. current location or similar involvement groups ( Kim et al. 2010:219 ) .

Social Networking Sites Essay Sample Essay Example

Consequently. it would look that SNS facilitate societal communicating between persons. On the other manus. it has been argued that there are several considerable hazards looking which are created by this singular addition in socializing. Online research demonstrates that 72 % of 12-17 twelvemonth olds striplings had been bullied online in the USA ( Livingstore and Brake. 2010:79 ) . It seems to be clear that peculiarly for adolescents. cyberbullying is the most common concern and it can do extended psychosocial effects. for case. “depression. anxiousness. terrible isolation and tragically suicide” ( O’Keeffe and Clarke-Pearson. 2011: 801 ) . In such state of affairss. persons might endure negative remarks from others during the usage of SNSs. and likewise after passing hour-upon-hour alone chew the fating with ocular friends they might be isolated and may hold small physical interaction in real-life ( Henty et al. 2011:71 ) . However. although there are several frights sing drawbacks on users. if parents supervise their children’s usage of the cyberspace. overall SNSs arguably can promote persons to go more sociable.

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