Social problems in teenagers

6 June 2016

In recent years, the social problems involving teenagers has been increase. We can hear or read about social problems or even crime which done by a teenagers in very young age through news in television or newspaper. These social problems involve murder, theft, take drug, violence and crime. Many people believe that this is because parents spend more and more time at work and has less time to supervise their children. However, I do not believe this is true. The reasons of why teenagers involve in social problem not only parents’ responsible. Social ills not only because of parents but can be associated with progress that we achieved at present. There are several factors trigger this phenomenon such as influence of friends, influence of media, internal conflict, drug abuse and religion.

Firstly, peer pressure is another big problem that some teens go through in order to try to fit into a crowd. Friends are most important supporter to the teenagers, especially to the teenagers that do not have parents’ love. They stick to their friends together, meet everyday in school and hanging out with them. The teenagers prefer to share their secrets, problem, happiness and sadness with their friends rather than parents. Therefore, the friends are the most powerful people who can influence teenagers to involve in social problems.

Friends manage to influence the decision of teenagers, change their thinking and built their confidence. If the teenagers have good and kind peers, then the teenagers will have good attitude and discipline as they are inspired to be good students. However, if teenagers unfortunate and associate themselves with bad friends, then they will influence by their friends to do crime such as become gangsters and violence. They just follow the steps of their friends and do not recognize the good and bad behaviors.

Secondly, the media such as television, films, and internet also influence the teenagers to involve in social problems. It is undeniable that we are all influenced by things that happen to us. The media are one of the main activities of human being, so we cannot help but be influenced by them. Besides, the teenagers are fast learner and expertise in using modern technologies. The technologies are suppose to make our life better and help us to finish our work on time. However, some teenagers abuse the technologies and straying from the actual uses of the technologies.

For example, the teenagers can use internet to search unnecessary websites such as pornography and sex tapes. These will influence teenagers’ thinking and make them do crime such as rape. Some teenagers like to watch violence movie or murder film. These can also make them to become insane to kill or beat people. They feel great to do such things. The media nowadays are trying to influence our youth to be rebellious teenagers.

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