Social Problems of Having a Human Zoo Like the One Described in the Book

People would not think it would be alright or ok to have a zoo like that. There would be a big ethical question, especially if we experimented on them. People would protest and demonstrate against it. The government would probably step in and shut it down. A long time ago there were these kinds of human zoos, they were called freak shows.

People would come from all around and pay to see people who had freakish genetic defects. Most of the time people were not held against their will but sometimes people who made them lots of money were forced to sign contracts and almost held prisoner. Police finally did something about this and shut this kind of under contract imprisonment down. Just like the old freak shows, this is probably how a modern human zoo would have started and ended.

People would pay to come see people who were β€œfreaks” and them after a while these β€œfreaks” would be put in cages or cells and not allowed to leave. Then people would say that not right, and unconstitutional and that they were going against their rights. The owners of this zoo would make up some lies and excuses and the police and government would step in and shut it down. This is how I believe having a human zoo like Talfamadore described in the book Slaughterhouse-five would go down.

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