Social Problems: Sociology of the Workplace Essay Sample

We might hold been equal around 200B. C. but those yearss are over. Political control. unequal income and unequal position changed the manner American households had to interrupt away for economic independence due to the monolithic industrialisation. Jobs and callings are a nucleus value in American society ( Macionis 2008 ) . Two revolutions. Industrial and Information. changed the workplace for most Americans. making a new position quo for them and their households. With the new modern economic system. the quality of life can merely be improved. Structural-functional. societal struggle. and symbolic interaction are the three major attacks in sociology that guides thought and research ( DeRosso 2002 ) . So. acquire out your cell phone. text your married woman and allow her cognize you are still in that conference call.

Technology plays a great portion in the societal deductions of our modern universe. Americans can barely travel a twenty-four hours without utilizing the new engineering and innovations. Science fiction is a thing of the past. Now we have cell phones. flat-screen T. V. ’s. portable computing machines. video-games. the web. CT scans. antilock brakes. and more. If you compare a 1985 theoretical account auto to its opposite number of today. you can see the improved and added characteristics such as. power doors and Windowss. double airbags. better fuel efficient engines. built in Cadmium and GPS. air conditioner. and fewer defects ( Nye. 2002 ) . The modern economic system today is knowledge based. globalized. entrepreneurial. IT-driven. and innovation-based ( Atkinson. 2010 ) . The forever changing forces. such as economic clime. fast paced. and disputing times is what the workplace is now. The office design has become smaller and simpler. The procedure of workplace engineering has grown vastly. The decrease of the computing machine in size. weight and mobility requires less infinite and yet it shops more informations. cut downing the sum of paper being used ( London Councils 2006 ) . As more of the work performed is done electronically. workers are forced to take on other assignments. The new workplace environment can be sitting at Panera Bread while carry oning a meeting on the laptop.

Structural Functional Analysis in the workplace looks at the breaks as impermanent and that society will bounce from them. Industrial. Informational. and the current revolution shaped and is still determining the work topographic point. Structural-Functional sees society through a macro-level orientation concentrating on the societal constructions that form society as a whole ( DeRosso 2002 ) . With symbolic-interactions. people can take their occupations one of two ways. Chiefly the skilled professionals like. physicians. attorneies. instructors. and others are happy to travel to work. They are motivated to work towards promotions and think of their occupations as callings. ( Macionis. 2008 ) The workers that are unskilled. work in mills tend to believe of their occupations as meaningless. They go to work because they have to. The deficiency of positive identify seldom gets them an promotion. The societal struggle emphasizes on societal inequality. This is more of a theory on a capitalist economic system with their wealth and power who would engage the less fortunate to make all the labour. The capitalist would so profit wholly from the economic system because they own or control it. Lower rewards are paid and seldom do they command any of the production. This is what is called “The McJobs” ( Macionis 2008 ) .

With the passage from Industrial Revolution to the new Information ( engineering ) Revolution. employees had to do some accommodations. No longer is the demand for face-to-face interactions between employers with their employees. Technology has given us the tools of texting. cell phones. and e-mailing. I have seen in the retail concern that the directors don’t have to go forth the shops any longer to go to a meeting. They merely now have to do a phone call. come in a codification. and they are in a “conference call” leting them to still pull off their shops. There are telecommunicating occupations that now allow workers to remain at place and earn income. The societal branchings to this new manner of work have changed people for the good and some for the bad. While mas can now remain at place with their kids while working and gaining income ; this saves them the disbursals from going. The negative impact on this is that stay-home-jobs isolate the individual from the outside universe that they one time had. It is harder to acquire a publicity and adds to the gender inequality in the workplace ( Macionis. 2008 ) . I merely purchased a place and ne’er saw my loan officer ; she worked out of California from her office and place. I liked the convenience of the procedure because I was able to recover my electronic mails from her and resend them on my free clip. The personal contact has diminished. ensuing in some kind of isolation.

Society is created by ongoing societal struggle between the more powerful groups who exploit groups with lesser power. There was a all right line between work and place which now has been blurred from the stay-home-jobs ( Macionis. 2008 ) . The force per unit area of work that used to merely make full the office now is taken place. so where make you happen the balance once more for this new revolution? Are we ready for the following revolution of Artificial Intelligence Revolution?


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