Social Psychology Reaction Paper

Studies show the lack of or control over your academics is proven to be overwhelming. With today’s college students becoming younger and younger understanding and coping with the transition from high school to college is very demanding and sometimes overwhelming. Thus contributing to self doubt and depression, by blaming oneself and even considering yourself as lazy is all part of the problem.

I believe as a college student we try so hard to prove to our parents, peers, and ourselves we can do this and failure is bad, we immerse our feelings into that instead of school itself. Going to college has changed over the years by leaps and bounds with virtual colleges, dual enrollment while still in high school, class flexibility schools which cater to students, however students don’t cater to the academics.

This creates the vicious cycles of shyness, loneliness, and depression like one feeds off the other, when you’re too shy to interact with others you withdraw from social functions and crowds, so you become lonely and this leads to depression. Behavior change is another approach to change socially-psychologically; I feel if a person can change the way they behavior externally then eventually their thought process will follow and not listen to or respond to negativity.

I would include the type of people one socializes with even family, interact with people who are positive influences and productive. I agree and mindful there are many suggested social therapies and resources available for students and others. Also there is no quick fix and a person has to want to change within themselves and work hard at not feeling depressed. Its okay for a person to exhibit temporary depression, loneliness, and shyness when an occurrence or event causes it, however when it takes control of our life it is also okay to seek help.

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