Social responsibility

2 February 2017

Social responsibility is the responsibility of an organization that their decisions and activities affect on its society and environment with ethical behavior and transparent. Ethical behavior that is consistent with sustainable development and the welfare of society takes into account the expectations of stakeholders. (http://knowledge. sagepub. com. libraryproxy. griffith. edu. au/view/greenbusiness/n33. xml) . For Corporate Social responsibility, there are four types: Economic Responsibilities This is the responsibilities that offering services or product to customers with a fair price.

Legal Responsibilities The responsibilities to abide by the law, which is determined by society about what is right or wrong Ethical Responsibilities The Responsibilities to do the right and fair decision without the law forcing you to do it. Philanthropic Responsibilities The responsibilities to invest money back into the society to upgrade and to provide a better living for the people in the society.

Social responsibility Essay Example

With Corporate Social responsibility, company can show to the public that they care about the earth and they want to be a part of the group to help the earth environment which then can create a good image of the company and to increase its reputation in the society. Benefit And nowadays more and more business are working on their Corporate Social responsibility. Also many people are now starting a green life. Saving the earth and do less damage to the earth. Business start caring is not only because it helps to improve the environment.

But also because what it can bring to the company such as things like trustworthy from the society. And also it can help the company to build up its reputation. With benefit of Corporate Social responsibility, the result can go beyond what the management expected. It can have positive effect on the company’s finance, its image, and can help to protect the environment. Pretty much there no negative impact of conducting Corporate Social responsibility. The Corporate Social responsibility’s idea is to invoke in people’s mind which can help the organization to promote its good image and create good wills.

Chahaland Sharma, 2006; Galbreath, 2010; Weber, 2008). Also there are a lot of other benefits like reduce operational risks, motivate staff and reduce financial costs (Heal, 2004; Knoxand Maklan, 2004; Weber, 2008). http://search. proquest. com. libraryproxy. griffith. edu. au/docview/1019442816 Basically Corporate Social responsibility can help organization to increase its profit by customer’s satisfaction, maintaining current customers, attracting new customers and increasing staff productivity.

Also cost will be reducing due to the low rate of turnover, lower energy cost and reduce wastage. However, implementing Corporate Social responsibility into an organization needs money. And if an organization took the wrong approach on Corporate Social responsibility, the result could be very different. In order the make the highest profit from Corporate Social responsibility, organization needs to find the optimum level that creates the balance between the need.

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