Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Phoenix Student ETHB16 social Responslblllty Paper According to “Cambridge Dlctlonarles online” (20131 social responslblllty Is the practice of producing goods and services In d way that Is not harmful to society or the environment. ” [If the previous statement is a direct quote, be sure to indicate the entire quoted statement in quotation marks and include either the page or paragraph number from the source] Two examples of social responsibility efforts or actions that will be the topics ot dlscusslon are the Patient Protectlon and Attordable care Act (Obamacare), and the Goodwill Ambassadors of Mlaml Dade.

The Obamacare act permits flexibility and stability to Americans so that they receive the best health care available. Goodwill Ambassadors provide a vital service to communities throughout Miami Dade County. Good preview of the main points. The Obamacare act will guarantee that all Americans have access to quality health care that Is affordable, Patients with pre-exlstlng condltlons wlll receive assistance wlth this legislation. This act will also Increase Innovation in the health care workforce that will require more health care workers and extensive training for staff to ensure that the best medical treatment is provided.

Ensuring Medicare sustainability is another important factor within the Obamacare act. An advisory board composed of 15 people is in place to submit proposals to Congress to reduce costs for beneficiaries atter family members no longer receive care trom hospice centers, nursing homes, hospitals. The Goodwill ambassadors of Mlaml Dade are known for their socially responsible actions throughout South Florida. This group formed as a way to help local law enforcement agencies deal with the challenges of large crowds.

The group consists of approximately 200 volunteers who are all employees of various epartments of Miami Dade County Training on how to handle large crowds, customer service. and crisis management are provided to the goodwill ambassadors prior to each event. The American Diabetes walk (201 3), annual parades, and Memorial Day/Urban Beach Week are events that goodwill ambassadors have assisted with. Double-space throughout. After examining both the efforts of both the Obamacare act, and the goodwill ambassadors, it is easy to understand the impact each have on Society.

The Obamacare Act will attect most Americans because many people that either have no Insurance or pay expensive premiums will be able to receive the best health care at Advocacy” (2013), “The goodwill ambassador’s willingness to make a difference, by helping guests to our area deal with the special circumstances of an event, despite the culture and personal experiences that may differ from their own, sets these volunteers apart from the traditional manner by which Miami-Dade County chooses to deliver excellent customer service”. Nice wrapup/summary – remember to use block formatting for direct quotes of 40 or more words. An alternative is to araphrase or summarize the author which allows you to integrate the information into a normal paragraph and it adds originality. ] References Cambridge dictionaries online. (2013). Retrieved from http:// dictionary. cambridge. rg/us/ dictionary/business-english/social-responsibility Democratic policy committee. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. dpc. senate. gov/ healthreformbill /healthbi1104. pdf Miami dade: office of community advocacy. (2013). Retrieved from http:// www. miamidade. gov/ advocacy/goodwill-ambassadors. asp Check reference page formatting requirements. You must double-space throughout the reference page as well.

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