Social Responsibility and the Corporate World

4 April 2015
A paper which examines the importance of companies to act socially responsibly – both to their employees and the environment.

The paper shows how a century ago corporate social responsibility was an idea whose time had not yet come, and companies were free to treat their employees as badly as they could get away with and cause nearly unregulated environmental damage. Profits were considered the only measure of how good a company was, and higher profits were often derived from unethical treatment of workers and resources. It shows that such an attitude today is no longer either practical nor acceptable and that increased government regulation has limited everything from the safety conditions of the workplace to the ways that companies must restore any environmental damage that they inflict. The paper discusses how a company can become socially responsible.
“To take up the moral objections first, one can argue that corporate social responsibility must be practiced because it is the right thing to do. A business executive should never find himself or herself asking the question: “If I conduct my business in an unethical way, how much more money will I make?” Rather, each individual must determine how much profit is reasonable and, having decided this, match those expectations of financial gain with a business that can be carried out in a responsible and moral fashion.”
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