Social Security: A Brief History

4 April 2015
A paper on the history of social security up until today.

This paper provides an analysis of the U.S. social security system. The author examines the history of social security ‘creation, workings of the particular plans- disability and old age and survivor insurance, and how Americans’ tax dollars are selected and sent. This analysis also looks at the growing uneasiness regarding depletion of funds.
“America has been through many trying times throughout its young history. One of the most difficult times was the Great Depression. During this period many banks failed, the stock market crashed, and Americans everywhere were losing faith in the government. The government came up with different options on how they could guarantee the nation’s elderly of a decent income. In 1935, the government introduced their solution, Social Security. Since its inception, the Social Security program has been one of the most successful domestic government programs, providing economic protection for Americans of all ages.”
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