Social Studies

10 October 2016

This Research is based upon the topic of teenage pregnancy and how it is a factor in the August Town community. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM What are the challenges and consequences of teenage pregnancy in the community of August Town? Purpose of Research The purpose of this research is to identify the consequences and challenges of Teenage Pregnancy in the community of August Town. Definition of Terms

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Teenage Pregnancy: This refers to a teenager who is in the state of being pregnant. Consequences: This refers to the result or effect of a situation. Challenges: This refers to an interesting but difficult task or situation. Research Questions 1. What are the challenges of Teenage Pregnancy? 2. What are the consequences of Teenage Pregnancy? Reason for selecting area of research Teenage Pregnancy is one of the major common issues affecting the society of New Garden. This area of research was chosen in order to find out the challenges and consequences of Teenage Pregnancy.

Many persons do not know the challenges that pregnant teenagers face and this research will educate them. Method of Data Collection In order to collect data from this survey, I have decided to use printed questionnaires. The questionnaire as a tool for collecting data has a number of advantages: 1. It requires little time to be completed. 2. It can be done at the convenience of the person required to have it completed. 3. It guarantees confidentiality since respondents are not required to attach their names. Data Collection Instrument

This is a questionnaire carried out to retrieve information about teenaged pregnancy in the Community of August Town to know how teenagers and adults feel about teenage Pregnancy and what they think about sex. This is a study conducted towards Social Studies course currently in progress. You are expected to answer these questions truthfully and honestly you are not required to give your name so no one will know who answered.

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