Social Work Code of Ethics

4 April 2015
A synopsis of the development of the ethical code 1.09 in the code of conduct for social workers.

The paper looks at the development of a code of ethics with respect to the social work profession. It focuses on the ethical code 1.09 which forbids inappropriate relationships with clients. The paper begins by creating four cases in point to illustrate lack of professionalism within the discipline and studies the development and actualization of ethical code 1.09.
“All four of these stories that I have just told are actually fictional stories, yet these fictional stories are quickly becoming factual stories as the social work profession continues to grow and branch out to new frontiers. Ethics are extremely important in the social work profession, and it is imperative to be informed on each individual ethic. However, I have chosen to focus upon one particular social work ethical standard, which involves the social worker having sexual relationships with clients; that is ethical standard “1.09” (Kirst-Ashman & Hall, 1999, p. 423). I told four separate stories to show the different natures of this ethical standard. Throughout time, these have become four distinct categories classified under this standard, as we will later see throughout the discussion of this ethic”.
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