Socialism or Free Enterprise

12 December 2016

Research the advantages socialists/communists claimed they had over the free enterprise system. Prepare a 150-200 word argument defending either socialism/communism or the free enterprise system. Which system, in your opinion, is the best for the United States to follow? Note: This essay is not to be a research report about socialism/communism or free enterprise. It is a persuasive essay in which you should state your opinions based upon your knowledge of both economic systems.

Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your essay. Type your essay here: For the United States I would recommend the free enterprise system. If we were to have that we would be able to see the changes that it makes. With socialism it doesn’t motivate people to work hard and make a living because it is divided among the community where you live. If some people worked and others didn’t the money would still be given to the people who don’t work.

Socialism or Free Enterprise Essay Example

I believe that the free enterprise system would be best because it’s based on the principle of individual rights. With the free enterprise, also known as capitalism, the government has limited control over business, which lets business’ compete. It lets people choose what kind of work they want to do and where they want to work. It lets people decide what they want to do with their money if they want to put it into a retirement account or in the stock market.

There are only a few disadvantages of Capitalism that I see. There are barriers between people in terms of how much wealth they have or how much money they make. Also that government control is so limited that it lets a few businesses to dominate their industry and then they become able to make the rules for their industry. I would definitely advocate the idea of capitalism over socialism any time.

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