Society Lack of Tolerance in Body Image

Tolerance is the realization that there are other people in this world, and we may have our values and views on different topics but must respect others’ opinions and have an open mind. Our society is lacking tolerance in many ways but one way is how society expects women to be perfect and live up to the media’s expectations. Women attempt to dress and look like celebrities to stay “in-style”. Women also may mimic actions of celebrities or have cosmetic surgery to look similar to them.

The portrayal of women in the media is affecting women around the world to become someone who they are not due to society’s beliefs of what beautiful is due to the medias portrayal. Portrayal of women in the media is that women are expected to look like celebrities, or dress a certain way to be successful in life. The female boy is used as a scale towards success; women believe that in order to be successful they must look like a success. For example, models use their body in magazines to gain popularity and money in order to succeed.

The media also empowers women based on their appearance. Women are portrayed to be used as sex icons and are rewarded for it in the media with popularity and money. “The female characters often depicted in film and television cast gender stereotypes and the likelihood of women, specifically young women, to be hyper sexualized in film is far more expected than men”. (Women are Portrayed as sex icons in the media showing a massive gender imbalance). The female body is glorified in the eyes of teenage girls.

Teenage girls are pressured to be at society’s level of perfect. “ Children growing up today are bombarded from a very early age with graphic messages about sex and sexiness in the media and popular culture”(Levin2). The female body is pressured to be perfect due to the medias portrayal of what beautiful is or what sexy is. Women will push themselves to dangerous extents to look as what the media expects them to look like. For example women may get cosmetic surgery to look beautiful or sexy.

In China a girl was contemplating whether or not to get cosmetic surgery to look like Jessica Alba, after her boyfriend dumped her for not wearing a wig in public to look like her, she then went online and asked people if she should get surgery to look perfect in his eyes. “After I become like Jessica Alba, we will be happy together. I don’t care if he treats me like another person”(Chinese girl getting cosmetic surgery to look like Jessica Alba). Women are willing to portray another women and not be themselves to have men see them as a beautiful woman.

Women also use hair and makeup to look beautiful and if they don’t wear it they are attacked as being ugly. Makeup hides the face of women and they are pressured to always look perfect and professional by wearing makeup. Women will also push themselves to look perfect by exposing body parts in clothing. More and more often women wear exposing clothing, especially teenagers. Dress codes are being implied at schools to wear appropriate school attire due to body parts and cleavage being shown distracting schoolwork. Weight loss is another way women push themselves to look perfect constantly.

The Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders estimated that 69% of 5th-12th graders reported that magazines influenced their idea of body image. Models are also pushed to look skinny and many models have anorexia. Shows such as Americas Next Top Model also push young teenage girls as well as models to be skinny in order to be beautiful or accepted into the media. The Media shows a lack of tolerance towards all women, although they mostly portray what women should look like in society, celebrities are also constantly pressured to look perfect at all times.

The media is constantly rating women on their clothes, appearance, and hair. For example in people magazine there is a section called Best Dressed and Worst Dressed, in this section they out the top ten best clothing worn and top ten worst dressed. Women in the media are constantly being graded on hair, makeup, and clothes and society does not accept them for their accomplishments. The media also shows a lack of tolerance towards overweight or thicker women. Women who are heavier or are looked as being heavy are an easy target to the media.

Keeping up with the Kardashians star, Khloe Kardashian, is constantly attacked of being heavy compared to her siblings, she finally broke down in tears explaining her discomfort. “I’m so tired of pretending that I’m happy with my weight to be a good role model, because I’m disgusting”( Khloe Kardashian breaks down in tears). Another group of women who receive a lack of tolerance and are being attacked are ones who are “not sexy”. Women are pressured to wear clothing that makes them look “sexy” but women who are not good enough are made fun of wearing something out of their comfort zone. Lady GaGa, for example, walking around in her bra and knickers and being really sexy but still she’s not sexy at all, to me” (Lady GaGa is not sexy). The media drives all women to be perfect by this triangle; media pushes celebrities to be perfect as the celebrities do that causes women to portray the medias perspective of what women should look like. As much as celebrities are society’s role models they are constantly being attacked as well. The media has formed our society and drove women to be perfect.

They drive women by placing advertisements such as weight pills. For example Quick Trim, a product endorsed by the Kardashians pushes all women to be as skinny as the Kardashians may look in the advertisement. Another way the media drives women to be perfect are having a perfect lifestyle. For example in reality shows such as the Real Housewives, women are portrayed to not work, and get their nails and hair done regularly, and having perfect vacations.

While women in society are becoming more powerful in the workplace and getting more jobs, television shows portray that women are meant to stay home and take care of children and themselves, and are used as a toy for their husband or men. Nude Pictures are also a way women re driven to be perfect in the media nude pictures are always released. More and more teenage girls have given nude pictures to men in hopes of being accepted. Fashion is also a way women are driven to be perfect. Women are always judged on their clothing, and teens may dress similar to their favorite stars.

Most teens wear clothes based on celebrities clothing or a cartoon or television character. Fashion is not very damageable because it may make certain women and teens more confident based on their clothing. But women who don’t wear clothing that society expects are attacked for being out of style. While women may implement inappropriate clothing based on celebrities who they look up to but are not good role models. In conclusion, the media shows a lack of tolerance to all women, society and celebrities included.

The media causes celebrities to be pressured constantly to be a role model in different cases. While women are driven to be perfect due to being constantly targeted by the medias expectations. Although lifestyle is pushed, appearance is the biggest way women strive to be perfect. The media shows a lack of tolerance to attacking all women and respecting that they are affected greatly upon their opinions, and they effect many young women become the future society of our world to come in the next decades.

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