Sociological Imagination

2 February 2017

These persons would feel depressed and isolated, may worry about how to find new job, may lose identity and may move in other cities where they hope it’s easier to get a job with a low cost of living. Also, in case of new college graduates, they may move back home with parents. These are considered personal troubles which are the things that affect individuals immediately. For macro perspective, the company that the individual work for might be failing because of the recession or jobs are being outsourced to foreign companies for cheaper wages.

The things that the whole society are facing like this considered public issues. In accordance with sociological imagination, Mills signified that to think sociology is to see oneself located in social and historical context, to understand that there are forces that influence our lives, choices and chances. This means that social forces and individual lives are linked. In other words, personal lives and troubles have their origins in societal arrangements. The most important distinction is between the issues and the troubles.As Mills states, “Issues have to do with the matters that transcend these local environments of the individual and the range of his inner life. Troubles occur within the character of the individual and within his range of his immediate relations with others.

Sociological Imagination Essay Example

It has to do with himself and with those areas of social life in which he is directly and personally aware”. Also, how might we also consider homelessness from a sociological perspective? We can see the social barriers that exist for people to get out of such a condition.For example, the argument is often given that homeless people should “just get a job,” and often a fast food restaurant is suggested. However, to be hired at McDonald’s or some place similar, you need an address and phone number to put on the application, access to a shower and clean clothes to make a good impression, someone to watch what little possessions you have while you are away, etc. , etc. Using a sociological perspective we soon see it’s not so easy to “just get a job. ”

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