Sociology and Predictable Efficient Experience

Crystal B Sociology 206 Where do you observe Mcdonaldization? Have you experienced McDonaldization in your life? I have experienced Mcdonaldization in my life especially in places of employment. I have found that a lot of employers base the way they function similar to McDonalds they want everyone to be efficient, they want predictable and have a script for everything you do or say and they want you to rely on technology to do the majority of the work. I believe that you see it pretty much everywhere we go.

We base our experience on these categories whether they were efficient, do we think we got a good deal on what we purchased , was it the same experience that we expect to have every time. Mcdonaldization at Clackamas Community College. After walking around the campus we can see signs of mcdonaldization every where when we go to the registrar’s office we know that you have to wait in line and be help by the person that works behind the counter. It is now a norm that we go to the end of the line and wait our turn. When I go into the cafeteria they have it set up in a fashion the will get people there food in the most quick and efficient way.

The book store is the same way we have the lines that we know we have to wait in and the cashiers use technology to get us what we need to buy in a quick and efficient manner. The four principles have been evident in everyday life because this is how I expect everyday life to run. Everything I do in a day I expect it to be efficient, predictable, calculability, and technology. From the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. I wake up go to the gym and I expect it to be a predictable efficient experience for which I am getting adequate amount of service for which I paid.

I then go to the coffee shop which is just like mcdonalds has a drive thru and expect to get it quickly and I can predict what they will say and what is on the menu. I take my son to school and I wait in line to drop him off in my car just like a drive thru. I go to work and I use the technology that helps guides me to do a quick and efficient job at what I do. I use a script of what I am supposed to say on the phone and so it is predictable for the clients calling every day. I go to the grocery store I expect the cashier to say the same thing and be quick and efficient at what he/she does.

I do agree with Ritzer’s theory because it is apparent they we follow this model in so many aspects of our lives. It has become very normal for us to want to receive this type of service that when it doesn’t happen then many people become upset or dissatisfied with the service they receive. We write reviews on places we go based on the categories were they fast enough, was it what you expected, was it worth what you paid for it. I think this is really dehumaninzing like Ritzer said because we are losing out on a lot of human interaction when we are in the constant need to make things fast and efficient.

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