Socratic Notes Seminar

6 June 2017

The law wasn’t really around the areas that weren’t highly populated and things were stolen, people were killed and many bad things were going on because there was no one to stop them except other people with guns. “Well”look, we’re gonna work on a ranch like the one we come from up north. ” (Steinbeck 7) 8. What possible messages are contained in the novella’s conclusion? Themes? Some possible messages in the conclusion Of Mice and Men are, the question of the act of euthanasia Justified, is killing someone ever okay, how does the human brain work when it’s disabled?

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Some of the themes in the book are rabbits, a goal that Lennie would like to achieve because he wants to tend the rabbits and look after them. Another theme is death, throughout the book, people and animals die. Candys dog, the mice, the snake, Curlers wife, Lennie, the puppies and Lennie’s aunt Clara. 9. Is taking another human’s life ever Justified? Euthanasia: Good death, term from the Greek, right to die, assisted suicide, mercy killing Dr. Kevorkian (Dr.

Death) the plug, but her parents wanted to keep her alive Indirect and Direct classification of euthanasia Indirect means the patient takes the step that induces death Indirect can be done when a clinician purposely prescribes a large enough dose of a drug to kill you Indirect euthanasia is legal in Oregon as a result of the Death with Dignity Act Direct means another person takes the step to induce death for you Three forms of Direct Euthanasia: 1 . Voluntary: With patient consent, physician induces death . Nonvoluntary: patient is not capable of making their own decisions to live or die and is killed without consent or knowledge 3.

Involuntary: The patient chooses to live, but is killed regardless of their decision Direct euthanasia is illegal in every US state, but both direct and indirect euthanasia are legal in Belgium and the Netherlands The National Right to Life Committie (NRLC) is the largest prolife organization and was founded in June, 1973 in response to the Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion Lennie had gotten himself into trouble and if it weren’t or George, Lennie would have been tortured and killed in a way that he wouldn’t deserve.

If George hadn’t killed Lennie, he would have been lynched, hung or shot in a gruesome way. you go yellin’,” he said, and he shook her; and her body flopped like a fish. ” (Steinbeck 89). “But Candy said excitedly, “We oughtta let him ‘Im get away. You don’t know that Curley. Curley gon’ta wanta get ‘im lynched. Curleyll get ‘im killed. ” (Steinbeck 91). “George watched candys lips. mieah,” he said at last, “that’s right, Curley will. An’ the other guys will. ” And he looked back at Curleys wife. ” (Steinbeck 91-92).

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