Soft drugs should be legalised

6 June 2016

Soft drugs should be legalised
Everybody knows that drug addiction is a leading problem now among youth as well as among adults across the globe . It causes social , spiritual and moral problems in their lives. However, there are drugs that are less damaging to the health and non-addictive than a hard drug such as alcohol , cannabis and nicotine drugs. These are called soft drugs. There are already 45 million people who have tried cannabis soft drug. About 15 million European people have initially tried cannabis in 1999. Additionally, in United Kingdom, there are 10 percent of adults who are already using drugs. While Spain, has 7 percent of its population who are already cannabis dependent.

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There are few reasons why I think soft drugs should be legalised, the main one is that it will remove a lot of the appeal of “rebelling” and so you’re less likely to want to do it because it’s “forbidden” (it’s the same with drinking, as soon as you can legally drink you no longer have such a strong desire to do so). Quite a few drugs have also been shown to have medicinal benefits and so even partially legalising them for medicinal purposes only (for which you would need a prescription) would be beneficial.

The bottom line though is that people are going to do them whether they are legal or not so if you at least legalise the softer ones, it allows you to regulate and control them a lot more than before and also if you make drugs legal then it will also help reduce all the gangs revolving around supplying drugs because they will no longer be needed and will no longer make money and so that’s also a positive benefit.

Obviously, when something is forbidden people are more interested in it and try really hard to get it, even if they do not need it. All in all, legalizing soft drugs would have its advantages and disadvantages, but there seems to be no clear statement whether it would be right or wrong, what occurs to be another argument in favor of it – since as long as something is not bad, it is considered to be good. However, most of the soft drugs create a psychological addiction.

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