Solutions of Case Study

10 October 2016

Other MNCs must educate their employees about cultural values while dealing with other nations for business purpose. They must take care of the values and sentiments of the religion of the consumers. As customers are king and if the customers are dissatisfied it can prove disastrous for the MNCs. Hence the MNCs should not only educate themselves with Managing across cultures but also with ethics management and make business strategy based on not only political, legal, technological environment but also take due care of the cultural environment and ethics. . though the Mc Donald were aware of the fact that the Indians which comprises of hindus and Muslims still they used pork and beef ingredients in the food items. it is very clear from this that the Mc Donald were specialist in making food comprising of beef and pork and that they didnot made any marketing strategy before entering in a foreign market which a totally new culture in comparison to them, which was truly liable on their part and at the same time they should have also prepared for new product designing before penetrating a new market.

Moreover they must also have hire some local people before introducing their product as local people knew the sentiments of culture in the latter’s country. 3. mc Donald has covered a milestone in strategizing and meeting local cultural needs. since they once committed mistake in analysing the Indian market hence they are now more customer centric and design products catering and sufficing the needs of particular market. McDonald’s thus succeeded in spreading American culture in the East Asian countries.

Solutions of Case Study Essay Example

In Hong Kong and Taiwan, the company’s clean restrooms and kitchens set a new standard that elevated expectations throughout those countries. In Hong Kong, children’s birthdays had traditionally gone unrecognized, but McDonald’s introduced the practice of birthday parties in its restaurants, and now such parties have become popular among the public. Case 2: 1. Watching a movie from another country can help one to understand non-verbal cues by giving us context for those cues. By juxtaposing the situation against the reaction and non-verbal cues, one can begin to learn more about those non-verbal cues. . Perhaps I would approach the matter delicately by questioning him as to whether such close bodily proximity when engaging in conversation is the norm in Saudi Arabia. And then perhaps go on to say how I have been considering my own country’s concept of ‘personal space’. If that goes over all right, I could say that I find I feel uncomfortable standing so close, but that I have no real rational basis for feeling that way, except that it is abnormal in my culture and in all probable ways, that’s more or less true, isn’t it?

And it’s not any sort of rejection, which is the central consideration here. That is the thing I will be most keen to avoid; I would not want to repel, or alienate him, or do anything at all that might detract from, or damage, what is a good working relationship. So the bottom-line is I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed in any possible way but will ensure that my problem is solved, maintaining the cordial relationship with him.

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