I can not help but smile at the thought of a world where wealth is not judged by numbers of paper rectangles and metal circles. This “currency” was lost in an abundance of human character, knowledge, and love. These are the true measures of wealth, even though they lack any direct material presence. However, their inhabitance in people is unmistakable.
It is difficult to describe character as much more than doing the right thing. The gratified feeling of honesty and service compares to nothing else. This feeling is addictive. At any age this sensation can hook any unsuspecting individual. There is no choice, but to repeat the act of kindness until the craving is satisfied. Mowing the neighbor’s lawn never fails to bless me with this sensation. Yet nothing is as empowering as knowledge. Understanding is the key to success and peace. Ignorance is not bliss. To understand the world surrounding me, including the people and cultures that I share it with, which in my experience has proved to be exceptionally important. Finally, love. Words can only attempt to describe it. Love is different for everyone because in each individual’s life a different person gives the word meaning. All three of these mighty elements combine to wash away money.
Without money, wealth would be measured according to immaterial things. Happiness is the sum of the solvent. Wealth and happiness are now synonymous. People would begin to change jobs. The majority of people are not currently working their “dream job” for a number of reasons. The most prominent of these is that it does not provide income similar to that of their accounting or managerial position. Cubicle prisoners would undergo a metamorphosis, birthing athletes, chiefs, scientists, and other exciting professions. With money not a factor, loads of new artists of all genres are constantly being introduced. Music supply will especially increase as a result of how many people can honestly say they never wanted to be a rockstar? I am not saying that there is a Jimi Hendrix, Gene Simmons or Celine Dion inside of everyone, but if these new musicians have a blast living their dreams all the wealthier they become.
Crime levels will exponentially decrease. Money is the reason for burglary, corruption, fights, murder, and the majority of hate in general. With nothing to steal or gain from these lowly deeds, criminals may stop being criminals. Convicts may try their hand in acting or even painting. No desperate father would ever have to steal for his family because any parent who would do this has more than enough love to be extremely wealthy. The particular age when people begin opulence is no longer relevant. Infants to grandmothers can both be rich. The best part is that their love for each other can make them both wealthier.
The environment is in dire peril, well at least when money was around. Do we really need to devote twenty percent of the 1.2 billion acre Amazon rainforest to soybeans and wood for skateboard ramps and pencils? Not if there is no profit involved. Heavy pollution been taken as an unstoppable force because the industries it comes from can not produce their products without it. If they fail to produce people lose their jobs and it becomes one big mess. With no need to make money these companies have no need to continue production. But what if nothing gets produced? Well money or no money things make people happy. Those certain opulent individuals are rich because they like to make others happy. If electricity makes people happy, I have faith that there will be light even without cash to pay for it.
If only this were possible, just for one day or even one hour. College would essentially be free. From a university I would gain knowledge and affluence, a combination that is inconceivable in today’s world. However, in mine it makes perfect sense.

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