Some of My Fondest Memories

12 December 2016

One of the first best childhood memories I really remember is the garden my father had in our backyard, vegies behind the garage to the left and a fruit garden to the right in front of the back fence. Down the right side bordering the fence were several trees, one of them being a plum tree. Right at the back of the property my father had build a three sided hut in which we could sit and have afternoon tea and where we could play all sorts of games in shelter from sun or rain.

My brother and sister, or perhaps it was my Dad, helped me (or maybe I helped them) build a tree house in the first tree in that stand on the right side and we used to climb up there and hide away from the world. We were rich in that we had fresh vegetables in a huge garden behind the garage, we had black and red currants, raspberries and gooseberries growing on the right side of our backyard and Dad had arranged with someone who owned a bare section down the road from our house to be able to use it for growing sweet-corn, which he sold at the gate as well as us being able to eat all we wanted of that fresh sweet corn!

Some of My Fondest Memories Essay Example

And in the front of our house Dad had planted two sweet apricot trees which were our delight in summer! The neighbor grew a grapevine and kiwi-fruit vine on the boundary fence, of which we could help ourselves to any fruit that happened to grow on our side … and there many that could be persuaded… Oh my, all this talk of food is making me hungry… all that good fresh food our parents worked to provide for us… what a blessing!

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