Some People Believe That Group Sport as Football or Hockey Too Competitive and Encourage the Worst Side of Human Behavior

Question: . Some people believe that group sport as football or hockey too competitive and encourage the worst side of human behavior They should be replaced by non-competitive exercise- based activities like jogging swimming that also keep us fit. What do you think? Playing sports is beneficial for our health, especially for people who have lots of work to do, which takes up much sporting time nowadays. There are two types of sports: competitive sports and non-competitive sports.

In some sense two or more people who exercise together can be called a competition (Competitive sports 2009, p. online). People who like sports have their own reasons for choosing different types of sports. On the whole, competitive sports are team work. Joining the game is the best way to show yourself and a “must win” attitude is essential (Competitive sports 2007, p. online). At the same time, we should study how to get along well with each other, and not just show off; that will serve to isolate us. It’s the why and wherefore we must have competition rules.

However, competition does exist. It’s fierce on losers. They may not only loss the game, but also lose their faith. So, before we join competitive sports, we must make sure we can admit defeat. When we play sports such as football, badminton etc, we also have to look after our bodies because competitive sports make people try their best to win the game; we need to protect our bodies from harm (Competitive sports 2009, p. online). On top of that there’s a wide variety of non-competition sports like street boarding.

Maybe competition sports can be time-consuming compared with non-competitive sports, which ofter more personality and convention. There is no time limit. We can enjoy ourselves. Non-competitive sports mean we just challenge ourselves. Most of the non-competitive sports are conditions our body through the many exercises; we can believe that it is a good way to improve our bodies. It benefits our health both physically and psychologically. Though practice we become more confident and stronger. When we enjoy non-competitive sports, safety is very important.

Lots of games are dangerous for us. Engaging in more sports than your body can assume, may harm it. After you know the rules you must find an expert person to teach you if you are playing street boarding for the first time. Which one is better for us to play? The answer depends on our hobbies, physical fitness and time. In other words, if we don’t like to eat onions but we eat them maybe we will feel terrible. But from my point of view, everyone likes sports. There are no exceptions because sports are exciting.

Generally, competition sport maybe suits most persons who like challenges entrance can choose non-competitive sports. Both these two sports give us the motivation to win the game. References Competitive sports (2009), Time for change [Online]. Available at: http://www. china. org. cn/english/features/Brief/193368. htm. [Accessed 12 October, 2009] Competitive sports (2009), Time for change [Online]. Available at: Http://www. dailyecho. co. uk/news/1066958. school_sports_days_put_children_off_sp ort_mp/[Accessed 12 October, 2009]

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