That playing both team sports and individual sports plays a positive role in people’ life is an undeniable fact. Should people realize the advantages of playing sports in their lives, they should ponder over it much more scrupulously. This issue has recently been the topic of debate among experts. I do believe that playing both team sports and individual sports have some advantages, and these are my justifications. To begin with, when you play team sports like football, volleyball, basketball, etc, you can learn positive life lessons like group work and this characteristic plays a crucial role in every one’s career success and of course it is really important in life.

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The second reason why I advocate this point of view lies in the fact that when you play team sports you can learn consulting with your teammates and this plays a significant role in life because you learn to listen people’s ideas in society and pay attention to them and deliberate about them.

Finally, playing individual sports may have lots of advantages but in my idea playing individual sports just have one advantage and that is when you want play the sport, you can play it without requiring any person. because it is really hard to gather all your friends for playing sports when you want. If you ask me which of team sports or individual sports I prefer, I will answer you team sports because i can find different kinds of friends and can spend lots of times with them without considering passing hours. For example we can tell jokes, laugh a lot and have a fun for hours.

By taking all above-mentioned arguments into consideration, the following conclusion can be drawn about the issue. Understanding the advantages of playing both team sports and individual sports in people’s lives is logical.

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