Someone Like You by Adele

9 September 2019

Someone Like You
“Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead”
Adele is one pop artist who sings about love. Yes many artists these days sing about that, but Adele can reach her listeners like no other. What Adele sings about what so many teens go through. Someone Like You is about heartbreak. So many teens go through this, and so many artists sing about it. The way Adele sings about it talks about finding someone else and moving on, and all though it hurts her to see her ex with someone else she decides to not take revenge, to not be upset. She realizes that being mad, and upset for the rest of her life won’t help her and that going out and changing her life for the better without him is what she needs. And even though she will miss him, and wants him to be with her, she doesn’t give up on her life and love. I admire Adele for her strength and what she gives to her fans through her music. She is an amazing artist in many ways. I feel Someone Like You is a song to tell teens about what you need to do if you go through a heartbreak even if it hurts you like nothing else you have ever been through. Adele wants you to know that you have to stay strong and to not let one bump in the road make you give up on life. As long as you believe in your heart you can live life to it’s fullest. I feel this is one of the best songs of 2011. Adele has made a true masterpiece with this song. I hope she continues making music like Someone Like You.

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