Someone was coming down the st…

10 October 2018

Someone was coming down the stairs! Hiding with panic, we were both ducked down behind an ancient sofa that was full of moss. I could feel my body shuddering with fear like I was in the Antarctic; a rush of pure went down through my throat into my lungs. What if we were caught? The unknown glanced at me through the transparent glass smirking at me. I thought she was just keeping an eye on me.

Cautiously, the door opened we could hear someone sneaking in with no sound. All I could here was silence for a moment then a torch flickered on. Its beam stabbed the darkness, seeking us out, curiously looking at all hidden corners. Holding my breath in, I tried to not make a single sound. After a few moments, the light switched off. All we could see was darkness all around us. Whoever stepped foot in sneaking, was listening to the sounds.

Someone was coming down the st… Essay Example

We could hear each rasping breath. Then the door slammed and the footsteps ere getting further and further away. With a relieved heart, I let a sigh out. As we clambered out of the window and slithered through the wet roof, I looked out at the weather all was thunder and lightning I could hear. Each drop of rain was loud enough to here from another country. I tried to think thoughtfully why is badness coming to the world and me. What wrong did I do and why do I have to see this? I was trying to remember how I got into such a mess.

It had only been an hour ago when Mom had sent me down to the basement with a twenty-pound note to buy my Mom and me some dinner. When I had reached to the roundabout, I couldn’t resist looking at that old house. It was that moment I had seen it; a light at the window. Then I saw a face. I stood there staring in confusion. It was a girl, mouthing ‘HELP’. That was how it happened!I had broken in round the back through the smashed window.

Half a minute later and I had found her, a trapped prisoner in an upstairs room. She had just only finished explaining to me what her occupation was. Apparently, it turns out that she was the daughter of an American ambassador, Lauren Kent, and about the ransom money when the kidnappers had returned to move her to the safe house, So there we were, balancing on the wall, as we were about to jump off the plank. I lowered myself down. A few minutes later and when we were back at Moms. She had asked where was our dinner suspiciously eyeing me mainly. Half an hour after that, my Dad had arrived in an embassy car.

But since we didn’t get anything from the shops Dad had took us out for a family dinner night. Shockingly, the next day I appeared to be in the local newspaper.

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