Something About Myself

11 November 2018

“Mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” When I was ten years old, I’ve got the news that I was going to be moving to the United States. This decision was mainly made by my parents and in this my mother ended up having to give up a lot of her old like just so I could have the opportunity to live a better life for myself. Having my mom give up such a big part of her life in order to provide me with better opportunities has influenced me to strive for the best in life; that’s how I’ve became so motivated to learn English quickly upon relocating to the United States.

I moved to the States when I was only ten years old. It was really hard to leave all of my friends behind and start fresh. I couldn’t speak or understand the language, so making friends was a difficult task at first. For about the first eight months I only hung around my family because I had no other way of talking to kids that were my age. I lived in Chicago, and attended a public school there. Within six to eight months of attending school I began to speak English fluently, after living in Chicago for about two years our family moved again but this time it was to Oak Lawn. Me moving to a new country gave me the opportunity to experience something new, something that I have not had the opportunity to experience before. The lack of knowing a language inspired me to learn to understand my new classmates and surroundings. Currently I am a good student and I understand the English language better than Polish. Eventually, I became a citizen and now I am able to fully participate in the things that I am entitled to do in this country. Moving to the States gave me unique opportunity, as well as fueled my desire to learn the new language.

Something About Myself Essay Example

The great opportunities since moving to America wouldn’t have been possible if my mother hasn’t made the sacrifices that she made. Her decision to relocate our family to a new country had a great impact on our whole family, but mostly my mom. She based the choice on the great opportunities my brother and I would encounter if we lived in a country such as the Unites States. In order to give us a better shot in life, my mom left her job, friends and family. Although we all had to make sacrifices, the move really took a toll on my mother since she missed her parents back in Poland and she found it difficult to pick up the new language. She had a difficult time adjusting to her new work place because everything around her was being spoken in a language that she didn’t understand. Seeing my mom give up such a big part of her life just to make mine better has really influenced me. Being given this great opportunity inspired me to do great in school so that one day I could make my mom proud of what I’ve done with my life. Whenever I’m making decisions for the future I always keep in mind what my mom has done for me, and if not for her I wouldn’t be able to be blessed with such a promising future.

In order to provide me with a life time of opportunities, my mom gave up a big part of her life back in our home country. I’ve learned that because my mom did this for me, I appreciate the opportunities I get and do my best to make my mom proud of the things I achieve in school work. Being influenced by my mom to do great in life keeps me on track and always on a good path. I have the inspiration to become something great because other members of my family, especially my mom, gave up big parts of their life just so I could make something of myself and be able to get better opportunities later in life.

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