Something We Don’t Have

We don’t relies what we have; were to focused on the big bad and scary to see what’s right in front of us and what we have. We focus on the bad and not the good; life is to short; to sit around waiting for something to happen; If we want something of the world we have to make it ourselves. I seem to come back to this thought; why do the commercials of third world countries describe them as sad; lost; hopeless peoples. The way I see it is that is not so; just because you have to work harder doesn’t mean you can’t be happy; infect I’m almost sure that these people are happier. They have the things that really matter friends and family; thin about the world we live in what makes you most happy? The possessions we have? Computers and TV’s and all these things those are worthless in the big scheme of things; my happiest times were with family and friends; down at my cabin doing nothing but lounge and have time with them. Doing things I love to do; learn and read and write and go for hikes and go swimming. All I need is paper a pencil a pair of shoes and the clothing on my back; is the world really that hard no it’s so simple and we take it for granted. We take for granted the people we love; we take for granted the clothing on our backs; the shoes on our feet; we take for granted our leisure times and the things we have that we don’t need and don’t deserve. Why do I deserve the things that others don’t have; the things that people better than me don’t have? Some of my best memories are from meeting new people volunteering giving back; trying to be the best person I can be; to help people; fight for what is right and what is just fight for equality and fight for justice. It is my believe that everyone is equal then why don’t we get treated that way weather we live in Canada or India; weather we live in china’s farmland where people starve and die; or weather we live in Jamaica’s beautiful land living in a tent with computer and nice clothing but in a tent because of the tsunami season. Weather someone is fighting for their rights in Russia or there life in Iraq; we are people; just people; all human; we make mistakes and live and suffer and no one is better than anyone. We have more but do we deserve it; no. maybe we should stop for a moment and think of thanks for these things because we don’t deserve them more than anyone else. We should give thanks to the people who took us hear and gave us the chances they have; we should think back and remember with fond memory even the worst of times because it could be worse. We should reflect and give thanks once a day; and relies how much we have; how easy it could be taken away. The world is not that big; not that bad; and it’s not that scary. You have the opportunity to change lives you have the straight to be strong on your own; each and every single one of us has what it takes; and we are fighters; warriors and we all have what it takes to be more than we are; if only we are fighting for what is right and if only we remember how small and gentle this world is; and to know that we can change the world. No matter if were 92 or only 10 and every age in between each of us came make a difference in the world; in our world.

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