Something You Wish You Could Change

1 January 2017

My family recently went through a situation that has really opened my eyes to how unfair our law system is. I never realized the District Attorney had screeners that get to pick and choose what cases will get tried, and if they don’t take the case that person gets off easy. I believe if you break the law you should get tried and get the punishment you deserve, no matter what. The reason I believe everyone deserves to be punished for their action is because my sister recently was a victim of what the cops said was a class three sexual assault.

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He was eighteen and my sister is only thirteen, and it was non-consensual. The guy has slight mental issues, and even dropped out of school because of them. The cops warned us that this might hurt our chances of getting charges filled on him. I do not agree that a person’s mental status can give them a free pass for breaking the law. Now from the case not being taken my sister feels not only violated by him, but by the law also. She feels like the law doesn’t believe her.

He has been caught on exposing himself to others before, and he seems to now be escalating. It seems like it’s going to take him to do way worse before maybe the District Attorney will do something with him. Until this action is ever possibly taken on him, he’s getting to walk free for what he did to my sister; while my sister is left confused, angry, and violated. I don’t see why just because someone might have a little mental problem that they don’t get punished for what they do. Everyone that breaks the law deserves to get punished for it.

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