Somewhere Somehow by We The Kings

8 August 2019

I am a huge music fan and my taste ranges from intense screamo to lighthearted classical, so when I heard something like this… I just had to spread the word!We The Kings is one of my favorite bands, and from their selection of albums, my favorite is Somewhere Somehow which was released originally in 2013.I personally loved this album’s music and thought that the cover went well with both the music and band.
The first song in the album is Queen of Hearts, which is one of their more stereotypical love songs, but still managed to grab my attention with a beat that made me tap my foot, good vocals (as always), and meaningful lyrics that totally pulled at my heartstrings.
Other titles included in the album are: Find You there, I Feel Alive, That Feeling, See You In My Dreams, Die Young Live Forever, Phoenix Hearts, Any Other Way, Say It Now, Art of War, and Just Keep Breathing.They are all good songs with amazing lyrical meaning, catchy rhythms, and the usual great sound quality I have come to expect from this band.
Out of all of the songs on this album, I did have a favorite though (as most fans do).My favorite song was Sad Song which featured guest artist Elena Coats and matched its name perfectly with a more emotional accompaniment and more sentiment in the lyrics.In the song, they refer to wanting to “stop time right here in the moonlight” to spend just a little bit longer with that special someone, and say that “without you I feel broke like I’m half of a whole” and “with you I’m a beautiful mess” referring to a true and deep emotional connection that they feel with that person, alluding to the fact that that is what love feels like and that they are in love.I personally loved that song, and I’m sure that others do too.
Overall, this album was my favorite and one of the best they produced in my opinion.I would highly recommend this album (and band) to anyone with any music taste because they are an exceptional group with both talent and a message.I highly recommend that you listen to this album.

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